Saturday, July 31, 2010

Awesome Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive 'Smallville' Season Ten Trailer (HD)

Season Ten of Smallville will see the return of some beloved characters and some less beloved ones. Watch at your own peril!


Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive 'Tron: Legacy' Trailer in HD

According to Blastr: ''To pull off its 3-D effects, Tron: Legacy used improved versions of the cameras used to shoot Avatar.''

Tron: Legacy comes out in theaters December 17, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

See Matt Smith at the 'Doctor Who' Proms!

This is a very good video of Matt Smith at the 2010 BBC Doctor Who Proms that took place at the Royal Albert Hall a few days ago.

Matt was in obviously great Doctor Who form!


Comic-Con 2010: 'Being Human's Aidan Turner on the US Version and Season 3 Tidbits

Aidan Turner, who plays the very sexy (and quite tortured in season 2) vampire Mitchell on Being Human opened up about the American version of the series which is currently being made by SyFy channel with Sam Witwer as the vampire: 

No 'Being Human' / 'Doctor Who' Crossover Happening?

Well, many a fangirl's dreams may have been crushed right here and there since Toby Whithouse, creator of the British hit series Being Human, has ruled out a crossover with it's BBC fellow series Doctor Who.

Speaking to io9, Whithouse said that:

Steven Moffat Talks Writing For Series 6 of 'Doctor Who'

Steven Moffat recently gave an interview to Den of Geek, hot on the heels of his new series Sherlock's success; but the showrunner had the time to talk about a few things concerning his writing on the upcoming series 6 of Doctor Who.

Moffat made it clear that despite his very heavy workload, the Doctor Who showrunner confirmed that not only he wrote the Christmas episode, but that he will be writing five of the thirteen episodes of series 6. Just like he did for series 5:

''I’m doing the Christmas special plus five, so it’s the same. Six again.''

Thursday, July 29, 2010

'Farscape' and 'SG1' Star Ben Browder to Star in Sci-Fi Web Series 'Naught For Hire'

Ben Browder, who dazzled Sci-Fi fans both as John Crichton on Farscape and as Colonel Cameron Mitchell on Stargate SG-1, is making a long-awaited return to the genre in a very interesting web series.

Called Naught For Hire, it is a 13-part Sci-Fi web series set in 2030. Browder stars as Nick Naught, who is, so it happens, an analogue guy in a digital word - whatever that means.

The Sci-Fi web series is some sort of hybrid which incorporates noir style detective 30s movies type with Science-fiction.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exclusive Comic-Con 2010 Story: BBC America's 'Being Human' Press Room

The cast of the BBC hit show Being Human at the press junket: Aidan Turner (Mitchell), Russell Tovey (George), Sinead Keenan (Nina), and Lenora Crichlow (Annie).

The first press room I attended at Comic-Con, which is also the very first press room I have ever attended, was with the BBC America hit series Being Human.

The basic premise of the show is simple: it's about a vampire, a ghost, and now two werewolves, all living together and trying to lead a normal life - which, you can very well imagine, is not an easy task.

But I myself could not have had an easier task, as this was an absolute dream press room.

Take a Look at These Brand New Steven Moffat's 'Sherlock' Stills!

These new glorious stills from the BBC One TV series Sherlock are from IGN (obviously).

Just click on them to make them bigger and enjoy!

The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes Are a Perfect Fictional Team

This is what Martin Freeman (The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy), who plays John Watson on Steven Moffat's new hit show Sherlock, thinks.

The British actor told What's on TV:
"I don't feel as passionate about Doctor Who as Stephen does, but I've enjoyed watching it more since being a father.

"We met Matt Smith while filming Sherlock in Cardiff because the Baker Street set is next to the [Who] set. It was strange seeing Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor together. They are the perfect fictional team."
Sherlock's first episode, A Study in Pink, garnered an impressive audience of 7.5 million viewers.

The next episode, The Blind Banker, airs this Sunday on BBC One at 8h30pm.

[Digital Spy]

Check out the new SFX Magazine Torchwood Cover!

SFX Magazine teases that inside Issue 199 of the Magazine, Russell T. Davies says about series four of Torchwood that “It’s a proper, big, global ten-hour thriller.”

Never have I been more excited for Torchwood to return. But alas, the series wont make a come back until late 2011.

Basically this will turn into one long excruciating wait. Any one else agree?

[SFX Magazine]

Comic-Con 2010: BBC's 'Being Human' More Human Than Supernatural

During the Being Human press conference at Comic-Con, the cast talked about their reaction to and how they felt while reading about the concept of the successful Sci-Fi show for the first time.

Actor Russell Tovey, who portrays werewolf George on the BBC series, confessed that when he first heard the concept of a show having a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together, he thought it sounded like a kid's show, and that it seemed like it would never work.

See the Amazing Video of Josh Hutcherson's 'Spider-Man' Fight Audition

We know that Andrew Garfield has been cast as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the rebooted version of the movie, but actor Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth) may have been a close finalist for the role.

Latino Review has posted the video of Hutcherson's fight audition. According to them "up and coming fight choreographer Larnell Stovall from UNDISPUTED 3 choreographed the gem below."

This is one video to make anyone go into dream mode and to wonder what it could have been (or could be) if Josh Hutcherson had won the role.

Now it makes wonder even more what Andrew Garfield will do with it.


'Sherlock' Star Turned Down Role of the Doctor on 'Doctor Who'

Sherlock star, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, has revealed that he turned down the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who.

The Sun claims that Cumberbatch, who is getting rave reviews for is role of Sherlock Holmes in the re-invented series from showrunner guru Steven Moffat, was offered the iconic role when former Tenth Doctor, Scottish actor David Tennant, decided to leave the Tardis behind.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: Press Rooms

Since I figured that all my news would be old news by the time I get to post something about Comic-Con, I decided to make some posts about my experiences in the press rooms, so that you get a bit of an insider's view as to what they are, how they work.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend four press rooms during this incredibly busy and crazy convention (far more crazier than I thought believe me. You think you know what you're getting yourself into when you've never gone to Comic-Con before but believe me, you do not).

Comic-Con 2010: 'Chuck's Scott Krinsky and Vic Sahay Talk Jeffster and that Blaze of Glory Video

While I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the Chuck press Room during Comic-Con, I had the immense pleasure and privilege to sit by (and I mean really, really close to) our favourite band ever - I'm talking about the absurdly fantastic Jeffster - and to ask Scott Krinsky (Jeff) and Vic Sahay (Lester) about that famous (or infamous, depending on how you see it) Blaze of Glory music video redone a la Jeffster, that was seen on the season finale of Chuck this past June.

Comic-Con 2010 The Inside Trekker Blog Status News

Since leaving for San Diego, the update status on my blog has been so irregular that I feel the need to adress that situation and let you know what's happening.

So San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and there were many things I didn't get to see and do, but I still do have some nice things to post on this blog about my experience.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Russell T. Davies Hints to A Darker Torchwood

Torchwood showrunner Russell T. Davies has revealed to SFX Magazine some interesting facts and tidbits about the upcoming series 4, now being produced in partnership with STARZ (Spartacus), BBC Wales and BBC Worldwide.

For starters, when the series returns in 2011, it will be one long story made up of 10 episodes and it: "will have a very American flavour. Most of it will be shot and set in the States (or other foreign countries)."

Davies didn't want to talk about the story yet, saying that : "It’s too soon to give away the story, but I’ve always had this story in mind, and the whole existence of season four will make sense once you know what the story is."

Friday, July 23, 2010

Check out Doctor Who's New Costume!

Alun Vega has posted three pictures of Matt Smith sporting a brand new coat during the filming of Doctor Who. Elbow patches are gone and the coat has different stripes.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: Toby Whithouse Talks US 'Being Human', Matt Smith, and 'Doctor Who'

Don't be fooled by the name on the card, but the guy with the dark hair and beard is Toby Whithouse. (sorry for the blurry pic)

While attending the SFX Presents The British Invasion panel just a bit earlier today, Toby Whithouse, creator and showrunner of BBC3's hit show Being Human and writer of Doctor Who's recent Vampires of Venice episode, made some interesting comments concerning the US version of Being Human.

Whithouse claimed that for him it was a bit of a wrench to see Being Human being remade in an American version. However, he went on to joke that there was good money in it.

'Sherlock' Star Benedict Cumberbatch Hints 'Doctor Who' Role?

Benedict Cumberbatch, who is currently starring as the modern re-imagined version of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in the Steven Moffat/ Mark Gatiss BBC drama Sherlock, has hinted to Digital Spy that he may be appearing in more than one episodes of Doctor Who in the future.

Cumberbatch confesses that he is a huge fan of the Sci-Fi series, and that one episode would not be enough for him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 DVD and BluRay News

Geoff Boucher from The LA Times has the scoop on the upcoming DVD and BluRay release of series 5 of Doctor Who in North America. The expected release date is November 9, 2010.

Here is what Boucher reports:

New 'Thor' Picture Shows Thor as Donald Blake and his Hammer Mjolnir

Marvel Studios and Paramount pictures have released a new picture from it's upcoming Thor movie. This picture comes courtesy of USA Today.

It depicts Thor (Chris Hemsworth) probably in his Donald Blake incarnation, trying to pull his hammer Mjolnir from the stone. A bit like King Arthur pulling Excalibur.

Just click on the pic to make it a bit bigger.


What do you guys think of the pic? Like it?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New San Diego Comic-Con 2010 'Thor' and 'Captain America' Posters Online!

Sweet mother of God! Basically that was my first thought here.

Paramount and Marvel have made some Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger posters available online to gaze at, and they are spectacularly fine! They are very comic-book like in their design - which is of course fitting.

I hope these will be available at Comic-Con in the form of goody bags or something. I fear everyone will try to get their hands on those! I may have to pull some hair out or something to get one of these. just kidding.

In the meanwhile, look at those sweet babies! (just click on them)


Do you like the posters? Or would you rather have had the usual picture type ones?

Matt Smith Rates His Own Doctor Who Performance

Digital Spy reports that Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who, told Radio Times what he thought about his performance (from his answer, it's clear that the interview was given before he finished filming for series 5 of Doctor Who).

This is what Smith answered: "That's a tough one. Let's say eight. I've two episodes left, so I can still get to ten. I don't want to undersell myself."

Karen Gillan Reassures Fans: Matt Smith is NOT Leaving Doctor Who

Well all I can say is I told you so! I knew that that horrible 'Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who' rumour could only be full of bullocks untruths.

It's actress Karen Gillan herself, who plays the Doctor's companion Amy Pond, who confirmed the story as false.

Gillan told The Daily Telegraph: "Matt will be sticking around, I think those rumours were made up."

My sentiments exactly! Matt Smith is not about to depart the Doctor Who role for Hollywood just yet, though I know he has enough talent to make it out there.

Gillan also added that they are currently filming the Christmas episode that that the atmosphere on the set is "great."


See that Thor and Odin in Asgard Picture in Higher Resolution!

Thanks to Hero complex and Collider, we now can see that same Asgard/Thor/Odin picture that was posted yesterday. Just let your eyes bleed from the magnificence!

Just click on it an take a closer look at the supporting characters.

Now that you've gazed at it long enough, you can head over to Collider's site here, where they've 'isolated' each character's pic.

When I look at that picture, I almost feel like I'm looking at a huge opera decor from the 1970s.

What do you think about that?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brand New 'Thor' Image Shows Asgard and Gods Frigga, Loki, Hogun and Fandral

This is a brand new image of Thor which has appeared in print in the Los Angeles Times.

In the front and center of the picture is Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and kneeling in front of him below is Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Odin's son. On the left side we have Thor’s adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who is his nemesis; then we have Frigga (Rene Russo), the Queen of Asgard and Thor’s step-mother. On the right hand side we find Thor’s allies Hogun the Grim (Tadanobu Asano) and Fandral the Dashing (Josh Dallas).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 Here I Come!

Hello everyone!

I'll be leaving for San Diego on Monday and will be traveling all day since I'm flying in from the East coast and have a stop in lovely Toronto. I will try to do some updates when I get there (San Diego, not Toronto) if I'm not too exhausted from the flight and travel.

Now to the good stuff.

I will be attending panels while there. Ha ha! Of course, that is the point is it not?

Not fully sure how it works, but I registered with the Comic-Con schedule from my twitter account so I think you'll be able to know where I'll generally be at if you follow me on twitter.

Guess Who Kevin Bacon May Play Now in X-Men: First Class

A few days ago, it was reported that Kevin Bacon had signed on to play a villain in the upcoming movie X-Men: First Class.

However, Fox had declined to say which villain the actor would be playing and preferred to keep mum about it - no doubt to make an announcement at Comic-Con perhaps?

And most people, including me, were thinking that Bacon would be playing one of the X-Men's most nefarious villains, Mister Sinister.

Take a look at Steven Moffat's 'Sherlock' BBC Trailer

I have to admit that it looks to be pretty good. But I wonder how Sherlock will truly translate in its modern setting.

Sherlock's first episode will air on BBC One and BBC HD on July 25, 2010, 9h00pm - 10h30pm.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

BBC's 'Sherlock' - Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss Video Interview

That Pesky 'Matt Smith is Leaving Doctor Who' Rumour

Yesterday, The Sun broke a story that Matt Smith was thinking about leaving Doctor Who after his second series in the Tardis will wrap, and that he would try to get himself that Hollywood career.

First off the source is apparently a *cough* pal. Second it comes from The Sun, which is really more of a tabloid. BUT, The Sun has a strange track record regarding Doctor Who news. It often gets stuff right - and stuff wrong as well.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantastic New 'Tron: Legacy' Billboards Show Main Characters!

In order to promote their upcoming movie Tron: Legacy, Walt Disney Pictures has recently released two new billboards featuring two of the movie's new stars; Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde.

Now you can feast your eyes on these babies! (just click on the pics to have a better look)

This is the official movie synopsis:
TRON is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (GARRETT HEDLUND), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (JEFF BRIDGES), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant (OLIVIA WILDE), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.
The movie will have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con for the third year in a row on Thursday July 22, 11h15am-12h15pm in Hall H.

I plan to attend the panel and will probably have some interesting things to report so stay tuned!

Tron: Legacy opens December 17, 2010.


Awesome 'Thor' and 'Green Lantern' Pics Surface!!

New pics from the movies Thor and Green Lantern, from the Entertainment Weekly magazine, have started surfacing online.

Which is pretty cool for us. So no one is complaining. Not. One. Bit.

First off, let's start with that Thor pic that has appeared on SHH Forums that shows both Thor and his father Odin in what may in all probability be Asgard.

See, I like this pic, because it looks natural and not fabricated or stylized like this one. Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk on J.J. Abram's Star Trek), who plays Thor, looks really good in that picture and so does Anthony Hopkins. I just hope the latter's acting will be better that it was in that Wolfman movie. Terrible Not very good.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gaze at Ryan Reynolds from that EW 'Green Lantern' Cover in HD!


It's the same cover that I posted earlier on the blog but BIGGGGGER! Just click on it and enjoy!! : )

'X-Men: First Class' - Kevin Bacon to Play Villain and Mystique is Cast!

Kevin Bacon (Footloose, Tremors, Mystic River) has apparently officially signed on to play the villain in the upcoming X-Men: First class movie. Though the name of the villain he will play has not been specified yet, most people think the actor is set to play Mister Sinister. Fox has apparently declined to comment.

Josh Schwartz Tweets an ''Awesome'' Pic From the set of Chuck and Teases New Guest Stars?

Josh Schwartz - one of the executive producers on Chuck - has just posted this cool pic on his twitter account and wrote:

We have your actor. Sugarland gets to guest-star on #Chuck or next season just got a little less "Awesome"

The tweet's a bit cryptic but it seems that the band Sugarland will appear on the show. Maybe Jeffster could cover the first part of a concert for them!! How ''Awesome'' would that be?


Guess Who's Guest Starring on 'Chuck' this Fall!

Following in the footsteps of such guest stars as Bruce Boxleitner, Morgan Fairchild, Scott Bakula and Christopher Lloyd - just to name a few - two new guest stars have been confirmed for the returning season 4 of Chuck this fall.

The first one is actor Dolph Lundgren, of Rocky IV fame and the upcoming Sylvester Stallone extravaganza The Expendables.

Take a Look at the Entertainment Weekly 'Green Lantern' Cover!

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is a pretty awesome cover. The suit is all CGI and looks good but I wonder how it will translate on the big screen. I can't wait to see the footage that will be shown at next-week's Comic-Con!

Green Lantern will hit theaters June 17, 2011 and also stars Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaad, Tim Robbins, Mark Strong, Taika Waititi, Temuera Morrison, Angela Bassett, Jay O. Sanders, and Jon Tenney.

So, what do you think of that cover?


Check Out the First Cast Picture for AMC's 'The Walking Dead'!

Just out is this first full cast pic from the upcoming AMC series The Walking Dead, adapted from a comic-book series of the same name.

To read more about the upcoming 6-part series you can go over to AMC's The Walking Dead blog here.

There will be a panel at Comic-Con and it will feature series stars Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (The Pacific), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Laurie Holden (The Mist), and Emma Bell (Law & Order). The Panel is Friday July 23 at 11:30AM in room 6BCF.

What do you think of that cast pic? Cool enough for you?

New Characters Revealed for Torchwood Series 4!

Michael Ausiello has the scoop on the new characters that will be seen on series 4 of Torchwood which will start filming early next year.

This is what Ausiello had to share:
Among the casting intel I’ve gathered on the new season (airing on my new favorite cable network, Starz), the show is out to cast a new series regular — Rex Matheson, a wickedly funny (operative word: wicked) CIA agent born to make waves. Almost as key to the new season are recurring characters Esther Katusi, a CIA grunt in her early 20s who learns what she’s really made of only when she’s forced to, and Oswald Jones, a convicted murderer and pedophile who will be as shocked as anyone to learn how easily infamy and fame can be exchanged for one another.
[Ausiello Files]

A CIA agent makes sense in this new international iteration of the show. What makes my ears prick a bit is the murderer / pedophile recurring character. I don't know what to make of that. From what Ausiello says, I almost get the feeling the character's meant to become a reluctant hero of some sort.

But any news is good news, it means the show is progressing at a steady pace!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on that one, so chime in!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spielberg's 'Terra Nova' to be More than a Just a Dinosaur Series

This morning, I talked about the cancellation of the Terra Nova panel that was originally scheduled for this year's Comic-Con.

Some of you may have wondered: what the *blip* is Terra Nova?!?!

Well, Entertainment Weekly spoke to Brannon Braga (FlashForward) and David Fury (Angel, Lost), and this is what the show creators have revealed about the upcoming TV series.

BBC 'Sherlock' Press Release and First Episode Description + New Pics!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Yesterday, the BBC has issued an extensive press release about it's upcoming Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss series Sherlock which you can go peruse here.

It includes interviews with showrunner and co-creator Stephen Moffat, as well as Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. 

There will be three 90 minutes episodes in this first series which will air it's first episode on Sunday, July 25.

Here is the BBC description for the first episode:

New Name Actor Rumoured for Hulk Role in 'The Avengers'!

And his name is Mark Ruffalo!

After the David Tennant/Adrian Brody/ Joaquin Phoenix/ Nathan Fillion story/rumour, Deadline now reports that Mark Ruffalo is in talks to play Bruce Banner a.k.a the Incredible Hulk, in The Avengers movie.

Apparently, the actor is in late-stage discussions between Marvel and his new talent agency United Talent.

Seriously, my head is spinning with all these rumours. I don't know what to make of all of them and frankly, until it's officially announced, anything can go. And though I think Ruffalo is a great actor, I just don't see it. But that's just me.

What do you all think of that new development?

Official: Captain America and Thor in 3D: Good or Bad Idea?

Well, it certainly wasn't all that surprising but Marvel has announced that both Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor will be converted to 3-D towards their upcoming releases in 2011.

Seeing that most converted 3-D movies have a very terrible spotty track record is that truly a good idea? the movies are filmed in 2-D and not in stereoscopic 3-D and it can make for some bad 3-D indeed (yes, I'm talking about you *cough* Clash of the Titans *cough*).

David Tennant Rumoured for High Profile 'The Avengers' Role!

The Los Angeles Times has listed David Tennant as being a possible replacement for Edward Norton in the role of Bruce Banner / Hulk for the upcoming The Avengers movie.

If true, this would be a fantastic role for Tennant, who is best known the world over as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

Other names bandied about are Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody and Nathan Fillion.

David Tennant is an absolutely marvellous actor and would be ideal in the role, but please bear in mind that it's a rumour.

Nothing will be officially announced until next week's Comic-Con, where everyone expects Marvel to reveal who will play the Hulk on The Avengers.

Source (scroll way down)

Steven Moffat Tweets Doctor Who News!

Steven Moffat, who now has a twitter account (steven_moffat), has teased the fans about the filming of the Doctor Who Christmas episode.

About Matt Smith he wrote:
Oh, he's back behind the bow tie - and better than ever.
The Doctor Who showrunner also wrote on his twitter account that:
Best thing about this job, I get to watch Doctor Who FIRST. Ooh, look at that. And that. And blimey, THAT!!
And most recently:
Today, I am LAUGHING as I write - always bad news for fictional characters.
The Doctor Who cast and crew is currently filming the Christmas episode which will feature Harry Potter's Dumbledore himself, the great Michael Gambon, as well as opera singer Katherine Jenkins in a first acting role.


Peter Jackson Already Looking to Cast the Hobbit!

Peter Jackson is a man of no fear and expediency!

Despite the fact that The Hobbit is still on the back burner and has not yet been greenlight by MGM, the director is apparently quietly meeting up with actors in stops that include Los Angeles, New York and the UK.

Jackson himself is apparently close to signing a deal with Warner Bros to direct The Hobbit two-parter, in the wake of Guillermo del Toro's departure in May.

Comic-Con 2010 News: Terra Nova Panel Cancelled

In somewhat of a bit of sad news for Sci-Fi fans all over, the panel for the upcoming Steven Spielberg TV series, Terra Nova, has been cancelled.

The Hollywood Reporter
reports that it's the lack of footage that has made Fox and show producers decide to scrap the plans to hold a panel which was supposed to take place on the 23rd at 3h30pm. Star Jason O'Mara would have been present.

No available substantial footage (or no footage at all) is also the main reason why there's no A Game of Thrones and Torchwood panels this year.

Terra Nova is a show about humans going back in time about 85 million years to try and establish a new life on prehistoric earth. Production for the series wont start until September this year.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Check Out These Awesome TV Guide Magazine Comic-Con Covers!

Don't you just love Comic-Con?

Well, if you don't already, this may help:
TV Guide Magazine and Warner Bros. Television have teamed up for a special edition issue that gives fans everything they want to know about their favorite hit shows such as Fringe, Chuck, V, True Blood and more! Whether it's Smallville's Clark Kent, The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore or The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper, Warner Bros. characters are some of the most memorable on TV.

Phoenix to Rise as The Hulk?

In an interesting piece of news, it appears that Joaquin Phoenix is being courted for the role of Bruce Banner in the upcoming The Avengers movie!

This is in the wake of Marvel's confirmation that it would not ask Edward Norton back in the role.

CHUD claims that reliable sources have told them that Marvel has offered the role to the actor. But nothing has been confirmed one way or the other so take it as a RUMOUR for the moment.

Sam Witwer Almost Passed on US Being Human!

Sam Witwer, who will play Vampire Aidan on SyFy's US version of the BBC's hit show Being Human - a show about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living together - admitted to Den of Geek that he almost passed on the role of the vampire because he basically thought the idea ridiculous:

Steven Moffat Teases Doctor Who Christmas Episode!

The Doctor Who Christmas episode has begun filming today and Steven Moffat had this to say about the special:
"Oh, we're going for broke with this one. It's all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters and the Doctor and a honeymoon and – oh, you'll see. I've honestly never been so excited about writing anything. I was laughing madly as I typed along to Christmas songs in April. My neighbours loved it so much they all moved away and set up a website demanding my execution. But I'm fairly sure they did it ironically."

The as yet untitled Doctor Who Christmas episode will air on Christmas day, time to be determined.