Monday, July 12, 2010

Phoenix to Rise as The Hulk?

In an interesting piece of news, it appears that Joaquin Phoenix is being courted for the role of Bruce Banner in the upcoming The Avengers movie!

This is in the wake of Marvel's confirmation that it would not ask Edward Norton back in the role.

CHUD claims that reliable sources have told them that Marvel has offered the role to the actor. But nothing has been confirmed one way or the other so take it as a RUMOUR for the moment.

The role would be a small part for now, since it would mostly be the Hulk that would be seen on screen, but CHUD does point out it would be a good move for Phoenix's career which may have been damaged by that weird supposed meltdown during which the actor retired from acting and tried to become a rapper.

The whole thing  is supposedly a documentary by Phoenix's actor friend Casey Affleck, and is currently being shopped around.

In any case, if the story is true, the actor may have to quickly decide what to do because an announcement of some sort is expected at next week's Comic-Con.

He will also need to mull the implications over as best he can, because it could mean a revival of The Hulk movie franchise.

What do you think of the possibility of having Joaquin Phoenix as Bruce Banner?

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