Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Tennant Rumoured for High Profile 'The Avengers' Role!

The Los Angeles Times has listed David Tennant as being a possible replacement for Edward Norton in the role of Bruce Banner / Hulk for the upcoming The Avengers movie.

If true, this would be a fantastic role for Tennant, who is best known the world over as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

Other names bandied about are Joaquin Phoenix, Adrien Brody and Nathan Fillion.

David Tennant is an absolutely marvellous actor and would be ideal in the role, but please bear in mind that it's a rumour.

Nothing will be officially announced until next week's Comic-Con, where everyone expects Marvel to reveal who will play the Hulk on The Avengers.

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  1. It's a smart move to keep casting such capable actors in the role of Bruce Banner. It can be easy to lose the core of the character to the flashy and exciting Hulk, which I think any Hulk fan would agree is a mistake. Tennant has the talent, range and depth to balance out the all-important dichotomy.

  2. WANT. how cool would that be?

  3. Please be ant man or hulk… for the love of god!