Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peter Jackson Already Looking to Cast the Hobbit!

Peter Jackson is a man of no fear and expediency!

Despite the fact that The Hobbit is still on the back burner and has not yet been greenlight by MGM, the director is apparently quietly meeting up with actors in stops that include Los Angeles, New York and the UK.

Jackson himself is apparently close to signing a deal with Warner Bros to direct The Hobbit two-parter, in the wake of Guillermo del Toro's departure in May.

The big problem of the venture is still MGM's financial woes which are putting a big wrench in the project (and in others as well, most particularly James Bond) since it holds half the rights of The Hobbit.

Jackson has reportedly been in Los Angeles since saturday and is working with casting director Victoria Burrows. As in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the casting for The Hobbit will largely be international.
[The Hollywood Reporter]

I really hope everything will be resolved soon. This is one major movie project that has dragged on too long already.

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