Friday, October 23, 2009

Sci-Fi TV Pilot DMAN Exclusive Pictures!!!

Writer/Director Patti Beninati with actress Jena Maenius who plays the telekinetic Miley. Miss Beninati is BLOCKING, which means they are setting up the shot before shooting the scene.

*This is a repost of the story originally published on the 16th of October
DMAN is an upcoming Sci-Fi TV pilot and is the baby of Writer/Director/Producer Patti Beninati of Are U Trippin Films and Centerboro Productions. There are not many female directors on TV or in the movies, so it is incredibly exciting to have her at the helm of this fantastic Sci-Fi venture. Miss Beninati previously gave an exclusive interview to The Inside Trekker which you can see here.

Currently in Post-Production, DMAN will be among only a few TV series to be shot extensively on green screen using extraordinary visual effects and virtual sets, much like SyFy's Sanctuary series. DMAN the pilot & series is shot with the RED camera- a digital system that captures images at four times the resolution of a high definition camera, resulting in a look that is unmatched on television. The production is getting ready to go to the networks and is sure to generate great Buzz in the Sci-Fi domain. Here are some exclusive pics from the set, graciously provided by Miss Beninati herself.
The actors in action
Blocking the shot again, Patti is making sure Miley can't escape from her position Haha!

A view of the lab set

Amanda, Boom Operator taking the sound!

Hot DMAN Actors into their roles ...back Matt Brucato Front Anthony Ordonez

Canadian Actor Brock Duke (aka Q7) being prepped for greenscreen filming

Canadian Actor Brock Duke who plays Q7, a telepathic being from another dimension being touched up before his scene


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