Monday, October 26, 2009

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - Den of Geek's Advance Review

The wonderful Elizabeth Sladen in her wedding attire, David Tennant as the Doctor and K-9

What am I holding in my hand? huh? Huh?

Den of Geek has posted an early advance review of the two episodes that make up ''The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'' featuring David Tennant as the Doctor.

If you do not want to be spoiled please stop reading now - although the spoilers are light.

Go read the reviews here for part 1 and here for part 2

Here are a few highlights from the Den of Geek Reviews:
Predictably, David Tennant make his entrance at the exact moment that I think we're all expecting but it's played out so damn perfectly that you'll be too busy cheering with glee (or wiping away tears) to care. A truly amazing television event with a cliffhanger worthy of Who itself.
About the Trickster

The Doctor knows of this blaggard (calling him "an eternal exile who exists to wreak havoc") and his cronies, The Pantheon Of Discord. The Trickster, of course, details The Doctor intimately; referring to his past in some detail (Tom Baker fans will get another chance to get all nostalgic) and his future (apparently 'The Gate' is waiting....). The no-eyed one has been waiting some time for a tete-a-tete with everyone's favourite Time Lord and we get a delicious conversation between the pair of them.

David Tennant revels in his role here, dancing from the light beats of humour to the heavier foreboding touches of his regeneration.

The goodbye scene between Sarah Jane and The Doctor is a poetic reply, if you like, to SJ's farewell scene in The Hand Of Fear where she asked "Don't forget me." (As a side-note, look out for the cuddly Owl she held when she first left the TARDIS now sitting in the Bannerman Road attic during part one of this story.) Sarah's answer is kitten-strokingly beautiful but also filled with pathos at the knowledge of what's to come - Lizzy S and Davey T perform remarkably and if there's a dry eye in your house then you must be a flippin' robot.

There you have it. Take out your tissues everyone. I guess it will be an emotional ride until the last episode of Russel T. Davies and David Tennant's reign in Doctor Who Lore.

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