Thursday, July 30, 2009

Star Trek Convention Update

Next Wednesday, I will be on a plane, on my way to Vegas for what I believe will be one of the most exciting adventures of my life.

But I wanted to give you a bit of an update on some new information I have received.

I have learned, through, that the Saturday Gala Performance will feature the ''Star Trek stars that sing'': Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, Jacqueline Kim and Brent Spiner (TrekMovie mentions it will be a first since Brent has never sung during a convention before).

There will be other Star Trek related events running in parallel with the convention so go on the TrekMovie page to find out what they are.

The most important one, in my opinion, is Robert Picardo's 3rd Annual Charity Auction Benefit Dinner at Henessy's on sunday from 8pm to 12am. The auction will benefit the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity. I invite you to go here for more information. This is one event I hope to be attending as well.

See you then!

Russell T. Davies on Doctor Who and Torchwood has an exclusive interview with Russel T. Davies in which he discusses both Doctor Who and Torchwood. Davies talks life after Who and whether he gave Stephen Moffat (who is taking over as show runner for season 5) advice, what he thinks of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, the Five part Torchwood Children of Earth event and what the fourth season should be, the return of John Simm as The Master and even Michelle Ryan and Captain Jack.

Here are two excerpts:

ON WHAT HE THINKS OF THE CHOICE OF MATT SMITH AS THE CHOICE FOR THE 11TH DOCTOR …“I think he’ll be wonderful,” says Davies. “He looks wonderful. He’s simply what you want from any actor. He’s intelligent and he can do anything. He looks different in everything he’s ever done. I’m glad they didn’t go with someone older to be honest. I think there’s something in the zeitgeist in Doctor Who these days, and I think Matt has captured that.”

ON JOHN SIMM RETURNING IN THE FINALE AS THE MASTER IF HE DIDN'T REGENERATE ….“He won’t pop out of a box and say ‘I was alive all the time,’ although frankly, that would have been easier,” he says. “We spent a lot of money bringing him back.”

You can read the entire interview here

No Plans For Tennant's Doctor to Go Quietly

This morning, Carl Cortez and Emerson Parker of, reporting from the TCA event in Los Angeles, released this breaking news in which David Tennant discusses the end of his Doctor and his now famous kiss with Torchwood star John Barrowman:

At the TCA event held today, BBC America’s DOCTOR WHO cast and crew were on hand to discuss the future of the show, the last few episodes and more.

The first thing, David Tennant says about his version of the Doctor is that he likes being the Doctor and is against the idea of dying. “You see it [in the WATERS OF MARS],” Tennant says. “He’s raging against dying in the light. He knows the sands of time are running out – the bell is toiling for him and he doesn’t want to go quietly – that’s how we play it.”

Executive producer Julie Gardner says that with THE WATERS OF MARS and the finale that is two parts “it is a huge goodbye for the last doctor and the last four year …”

Russell T. Davies, primary writer and creator of the modern day DOCTOR WHO, concurred. “It’s … so many things actually. It’s very exciting and very sad, thrilling to be handing over the show in such good health actually,” Davies says. “We sort of come on this journey together and [it is] coming to the end of something special. [So there are] mixed emotions.”

And that is something that Tennant agreed with. “Never had a definite stepping off point, [but] when Russell and Julie were moving on, it seemed like a natural end for all of us really,” Tennant says. “Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and make a difficult decision. I like that I stand to leave an audience wanting more, rather than when people are asking ‘When am I leaving?’”

Tennant also commented about his now-famous kissing TORCHWOOD’s John Barrowman at Comic-Con, Tennant says “The moment was right and [I] felt [it was] appropriate at the time. It’s something you know you’ll get a headline back home for.”

So the big question. If there is an opportunity for Tennant to come back, would he? “Maybe. I’ll wait for the right opportunity,” he says. “I have a costume, as long as I can keep my waistline – never say never.”

We know the BBC has plans for a Doctor Who movie. Though there was no announcement at Comic-Con this weekend (something I had been fervently praying for), the wild popularity of the idea seems to have prompted Russel T. Davies, Julie Gardner and associates to seriously consider the movie and it may just come out sooner rather than later. Here’s hoping it will be with David Tennant’s Ten and not a new Doctor or actor.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Doctor Who - End of Time Trailer - Fixed


This is the trailer shown at Comic-Con on sunday. It shows scenes of the last two specials titled ''End of Time''. The narration is provided by Timothy Dalton who is rumoured to play a Time Lord.

In the trailer we see the return of fan favourite Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott, his grand-daughter and season four companion Donna Noble (my favourite companion), her mother Sylvia, Ood Sigma and, most importantly, The Master, played by a bleached blond John Simm.

Enjoy and speculate!

Source: YouTube

New Doctor Who Waters of Mars Trailer

This is the new trailer for the Doctor Who special Waters of Mars that will play in the UK in the Fall. The official release date is still unknown. I have to say that it looks to be a scary one.

You can go here for the official BBC synopsis.

After this, there will only be two more specials playing over the Christmas Holiday, plus a Sarah Jane 2-parter episode and then David Tennant's Tenth Doctor will make way for Matt Smith's Eleventh. I'm already crying.

Source: YouTube

Sunday, July 26, 2009

David Tennant and John Barrowman at Comic-Con 2009

This is a video taken during the saturday evening presentation of part 5 of Torchwood: Children of Earth and Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead with Russell T. Davies, David Tennant and John Barrowman.

Watch as David Tennant kisses John Barrowman. John does seem a bit flushed doesn't he?

source: YouTube

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stargate Universe Comic-Con 2009 trailer

This is the Official Stargate Universe trailer released at Comic-Con 2009 yesterday, friday. Though it looks interesting and seems to be darker than the other two Stargate series, I have to say that I miss my Rodney McKay.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Doctor, New Sonic Screwdriver?

Blogtor Who has put up more pictures from the filming of season 5 of Doctor Who and three of them are particularly attention worthy. They clearly show the newly redesigned Sonic Screwdriver, the Time-Lord's ultimate almostcandoeverything tool. From opening doors (except deadlock seals or wooden doors) to sort of fixing everything (for a history of the Sonic Screwdriver go here and here). David Tennant's Tenth Doctor made good use of it. Will Matt Smith's Eleventh do the same?
Source: Blogtor Who

Monday, July 20, 2009

First look at Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor

This morning, I came across quite a few stories on this Doctor Who blog Life, Doctor Who and Combom about Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor.

Filming has begun for season 5 of Doctor Who with new Doctor Matt Smith and his new companion Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan. BBC News says that ''The Time Lord's new look consists of tweed jacket, bow tie, rolled up trousers and black boots.'' I personally like the look of this new Doctor, which is both boyish and nerdy. The Daily Mail Online calls the look '' more retro and slightly Science teacher-esque.'' However, I’m not overly enthusiastic about his companion’s ''eighties'' look.

The website also provides us with a look at the Tardis, sporting differently colored windows – black and grey instead of white. We have yet to see the newly redesigned interior.

We also have confirmation that Alex Kingston is returning as Professor River Song. Since she’s a Stephen Moffat creation, I’m sure he will find a way to account for the fact that she seemed to have know David Tennant’s 10th Doctor rather than Matt Smith’s 11th one. Go to the blog for a plethora of pictures and set reports that are continually updated.

You can also view an interesting slideshow here.

Sources for the story and pictures : Life, Doctor Who and Combom, BBC News, The Daily Mail Online, The Sun

Thursday, July 16, 2009

These Golden Breakfast Tickets

Las Vegas Convention news update

Well, after agonizing (shame on me, I know) about whether or not I should get the Sunday Breakfast with Heroes and Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto and some as yet unnamed Star Trek alums, I gave in and got my ticket earlier this week. My hesitation had sprung in part from the fact that I do have the Meet and Greet with him later that day.

And so, as with the Saturday Celebrity Breakfast with the Voyager cast (which I will also attend, if you recall), I will probably share my good fortune with at least a hundred people but the whole thing should make for an interesting experience - as long as I don't get eggs down my shirt!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gene Roddenberry created Spock as Sex Symbol

A story on the Telegraph website mentions that a newly discovered letter written by Gene Roddenberry in 1973 states that Mr. Spock was specifically created to be attractive to women. Although Roddenberry never mentions the character's name directly, he does allude to him as ''Spoke.''

Below is an excerpt taken from the article:

Gene Roddenberry, who was behind the cult TV show, said he deliberately gave the half-Vulcan character a "slight look of the devil."
"I thought that might be particularly provocative to women," he added.

It's no wonder then that in the new movie Spock is the one who gets the girl. What would Captain Kirk, the Enterprise's reputed sex symbol at the time of the original series, have thought of that!
you can view part of the letter HERE

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Upcoming Sci-Fi TV pilots D-Man and Kyle Youngblood filming dates

Two new and very interesting upcoming Sci-Fi projects titled Kyle Youngblood and D MAN (starring an actor from a current smash hit TV sci-fi series so stay tuned for an official announcement) are soon set to begin filming in New York. The information was provided by Sci-Fi Writer and Director Patti Beninati and Co-Writer Michael Anderson of Are U Trippin Films. The TV Pilots, as well as two upcoming Movies of the Week (more to come later on that as well), will be produced under the new production company Centerboro Productions.

Kyle Youngblood will begin shooting on July 18th and D Man will go in front of the cameras on July 31st.

Here are the loglines from the production company:

''KYLE YOUNGBLOOD (Sci-Fi/Quirky/Action): Eccentric scientist Kyle Youngblood heads up an underfunded team of misfits whose mission is to investigate paranormal and extraterrestrial activity in the rural Midwest.''

''D MAN (Sci-Fi//Intrigue/Action): In a freak accident, Q7, a dangerous telepathic being from another dimension, finds himself lost and alone on modern-day Earth, but his violent nature changes after he meets Miley, a telepath, who teaches him about humanity and love as they are pursued by a shadowy government agency.''

I'm really looking forward to seeing these two new series that will make use of the Green Screen F/X technology much like SyFy's Sanctuary. You can see a video of how the technology is used here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek and the Future of Spock

Just before the weekend, Trek Movie gave us the heads up about a fantastic Leonard Nimoy exclusive interview by Star Trek Communicator and Official Fan Club founder Dan Madsen on Starland.Com (go here for the full interview). Mr. Nimoy talks, amongst other things, about how he feels about Spock’s character arc, the relaunch of the series with the JJ Abrams film, his thoughts on the destruction of Vulcan, the passing of the torch, Zachary Quinto, and whether or not we could expect to see his character Spock Prime again in a sequel:

''DM: I assume as well that you are very open minded to appearing as Spock again should they ask you?

LN: I have no illusions on whether or not they need me. They decided that they wanted to make this film using Spock as kind of an anchor for the story, which I think worked very, very well. They don’t have to do that again. If they decide they have a role for me to play I would be very interested in talking to them about it. But I have every reason to believe that they have established a whole new set of characters and they can sail very well without me and that’s fine. Either way is good with me. I am very gratified that this has happened.''

One of the most interesting part of the interview for me was Mr. Nimoy’s explanations of the origins of the Vulcan salute and the Vulcan nerve pinch :

''LN: . . . It sort of happened on the spot very much like the line, “Thrusters on full.” It was the Amok Time episode and I was very much in touch with the idea that we were seeing Vulcan and Vulcans for the very first time. Other than Spock, we had never seen a Vulcan before. We had never seen two Vulcans meeting each other before. On the spot, I said to the director, “We should have something special that Vulcans do when they greet each other. Humans shake hands, Asian people bow to each other. He said, “What do you want to do?” I said, “Well, how about this?” And I did the Vulcan salute with the fingers parted right on the spot. Believe me, I wasn’t thinking of it in advance. It just occurred to me when that procession arrived with T’Pau in the sedan chair I thought, “What a great opportunity for some secret Vulcan thing!” That’s how I came up with it. Gene wasn’t there. I think he must’ve seen it in the dailies a couple of days later and then the writers started introducing it into the scripts the same way they did with the Vulcan nerve pinch. That happened right on the spot as well. I was supposed to come up right behind Bill Shatner and hit him over the head with the butt of a Phaser. On the spot I said to the director, “This doesn’t feel right. It feels wrong for me to hit him with a gun.” He said, “What would you like to do?” So I said, “Well, how about I do this and Bill reacts and drops to the floor unconscious?” And that’s the way that happened. You wait for these moments of inspiration to hit you.''

What do you think? Would you like to see Spock Prime returning in a sequel?

sources: Trek Movie, Starland.Com

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Star Trek Vegas Convention News

In order keep you all updated on the Star Trek convention (less than 4 weeks to go!), I wanted to let you know about some of the specific events that I will be attending (for the complete details of the convention that I refer to in this post go here) and that I will be reporting on.

On Thursday night, the Gold Weekend Patrons Dinner and Party will take place at the indoor observation area of the Stratosphere Hotel, 100 stories up in the air. There will be unlimited access to the thrill rides, a delicious dinner, as well as a glass of champagne. The party will start at 8h30pm with no ending time listed.

This is Creation Entertainment’s description :

''Get ready for a party like none other ever held! We're taking over the sensational STRATOSPHERE Hotel's indoor observation area (hovering over 100 floors above the city of Las Vegas) for rocking, celebratory evenings of delicious food, heart-pounding thrill rides, Star Trek celebrity entertainment and music, and fellow fans from around the galaxy.''

''Rocket up over 100 floors above Vegas and dine at The Captain Kirk Carving Stations featuring Tri Tip Beef served with caramelized onions, Ancho Chili rubbed Roasted Turkey Breast served with Wasabi Sour Cream and Assorted Starfleet Condiments. Enjoy The Voyager Lettuce Wrap Station featuring Garlic Chicken Wrap and Rock Shrimp with sesame ginger and Ferengi Fortune Cookies. Stop by the Caesar Salad Station with server, have some Tomato Basil Soup Sky Shooters, served with Mini-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches or check out The Vulcan Tapas Station featuring Grilled Vegetable, Bruschetta, and assorted dips and artisan breads. Splurge at the Counselor Troi Enterprise Chocolate Fountain served with Fresh Strawberries, Melon, Pineapple, Marshmellows, assorted cheesecake lollypops and miniature Milky Ways. (Food served until 10:30PM). Starbucks Station will be opened serving coffee.

A themed Ice Carving will greet our attendees in the Tower Entrance on Floor 108 and party-goers will be welcomed with a free glass of champagne (cash bars will service our party as well) ! Our party has exclusive use of the Indoor Deck 108 with complimentary access to to the outdoor decks including UNLIMITED THRILL RIDES!''

On Friday (time to be determined) I will attend the hilarious play titled ''House Call,'' in which the wonderful Robert Picardo and the equally superb Ethan Phillips will reprise their Voyager roles of the Doctor and Neelix. I believe I will be in for a real treat and I’m particularily looking forward to this event.

Saturday morning will begin with the Voyager breakfast, attended by Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips. Then the evening will usher in the Star Trek Gala Celebration - which looks to be utterly fantastic, followed by a dessert party and a centerpiece competition. This last one has me quite intrigued.

Finally, on Sunday, I will participate in a Meet and Greet with Zachary Quinto. The event will last approximately one hour, with Mr. Quinto and nine lucky people (myself included) whisked away to a secret location. Though it will be forbidden to take pictures and to ask for autographs (worry not! I have already booked my autograph and photo-ops session with him) I will be sure to tell you about this special moment.

Do keep in mind that I will also attend panels throughout the convention's run and as I continue to plan my attendance, I will keep you posted on further developments.