Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Upcoming Sci-Fi TV pilots D-Man and Kyle Youngblood filming dates

Two new and very interesting upcoming Sci-Fi projects titled Kyle Youngblood and D MAN (starring an actor from a current smash hit TV sci-fi series so stay tuned for an official announcement) are soon set to begin filming in New York. The information was provided by Sci-Fi Writer and Director Patti Beninati and Co-Writer Michael Anderson of Are U Trippin Films. The TV Pilots, as well as two upcoming Movies of the Week (more to come later on that as well), will be produced under the new production company Centerboro Productions.

Kyle Youngblood will begin shooting on July 18th and D Man will go in front of the cameras on July 31st.

Here are the loglines from the production company:

''KYLE YOUNGBLOOD (Sci-Fi/Quirky/Action): Eccentric scientist Kyle Youngblood heads up an underfunded team of misfits whose mission is to investigate paranormal and extraterrestrial activity in the rural Midwest.''

''D MAN (Sci-Fi//Intrigue/Action): In a freak accident, Q7, a dangerous telepathic being from another dimension, finds himself lost and alone on modern-day Earth, but his violent nature changes after he meets Miley, a telepath, who teaches him about humanity and love as they are pursued by a shadowy government agency.''

I'm really looking forward to seeing these two new series that will make use of the Green Screen F/X technology much like SyFy's Sanctuary. You can see a video of how the technology is used here.

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  1. You are becoming a blogging fool! I appreciate this post. I'd forgotten the plot of Kyle Youngblood! And thanks for the link to the video, someday I'll learn how to do all that stuff I hope.