Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wil Wheaton, Actor, Writer, Blogger, Tweeter and Star Trek Reviewer

Wil Wheaton, known to many of us as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, was a series regular for the first four seasons of the show (he then guess-starred twice in season five and twice in season seven). An actor first, and a self-professed geek, Wil has flourished as an accomplished author-writer: first by creating a blog (WWdN: In Exile)– Wil may have been one of the earliest bloggers out there - and then, as some of you may already know, by writing and publishing 4 books (Dancing Barefoot, Just a Geek, The Happiest Days of our Lives and Sunken Treasure - he also wrote articles for LA Weekly’s LA Daily and Geek in Review amongst other things). On top of it all, he also finds the time to tweet (under @wilw) to his more than 870,000 followers!
Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of reading Just a Geek, which is a memoir based mainly on his years on Star Trek and on his life after he left the show. It is surprisingly personal and honest and the book is deliciously well written, thoughtful, and at times funny as Hell! I may have fallen in love with him a bit just then.

What some of you may not know is that Wil also wrote a few reviews on a number of episodes from the first season of Star Trek: TNG (you can find them here); reviews that I made the mistake of reading at work, Haha. This is basically how it went: I was sitting at my post at the reception desk, completely oblivious to what was about to ensue as I began reading. I have to tell you that Wil does not shy away from letting us know what he thought of these episodes, adding humorous remarks here and there, saying out loud what the viewers were probably thinking internally, even re-writing some dialogue bits! I also learned some interesting behind the scenes facts and a thing or two about our beloved TNG actors (all good). Of course, what had to happen happened and I began laughing hysterically, tears running down my face. I was barely able to answer the phone. To make matters worse, my colleagues shot me some weird glances as they passed me by, probably wondering why I was laughing by myself, and surmising that I was possibly on drugs or something. Oh well - Thank you Wil Wheaton for making me laugh!

The point of that little story is to let you know, dear readers, just how funny, talented and insightful Wil Wheaton is and more importantly, that he is an incredible writer. For those who went ahead and read the reviews, know that they will soon be upcoming (if I'm not mistaken) in a compilation book called Memories of the Future.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What I would like to see in the next Star Trek Film

A few days ago, Den of Geek published a list of 10 things that they would like to see in the next Star Trek Film.

You can read their story here: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/275990/10_things_we_want_from_the_next_star_trek_film.html

It’s all a matter of taste and interest of course, but to me, transporter malfunctions, the Guardian of Forever (though it produced a wonderful, touching story), Nazis, the Tholians and anti-matter implosions are not that high on my personal list. However the other suggestions are rather interesting and fun (who doesn’t like a good Pon farr story, anyone?). And of course, the great Khan is on most people’s wish list (though I don’t agree with their suggestion of Antonio Banderas in the lead role).

I thus decided to add a few more things that I’d personally be thrilled to see:

1- The Borg Queen: Many would say that the Borgs have been overused but I love the little buggers. And the Borg Queen is such a seductive and interesting character that I’m always happy about her appearances. Though she was destroyed at the end of Star Trek Voyager, she can easily come back as evidenced by the fact that she had previously seemingly met her demise in Star Trek: First Contact. Plus the story would be taking place about one hundred years earlier. We could get to see the birth of the Borg Queen (an idea that was floated around during Enterprise had the show continued for a fifth season).

2- Q: The omnipotent Q is one of my favourite guest characters on Star Trek ever. He’s charming, devious, and wreaked havoc on the lives of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Kathryn Janeway (Q messed only once with Captain Benjamin Sisko, who pointed out to him that he was not Picard) to the viewers’ delight. I could very well see him appearing to Kirk and co. and cause mischief for the Enterprise crew once more.

3- Any one from the Soong family (Arik Soong, Noonien Soong, Data/Lore/B4 - all played by Brent Spiner): Time travelling stuff could still happen in future movies or we could get some juicy cameos. Dr. Noonien Soong could appear as a very young man (either a new actor would have to play the role or Brent Spiner could play him closer to his own age). Captain Data, from the Star Trek Countdown comic book prequel to the movie, could also make a cameo appearance. I believe that would make a LOT of fans out there squee with happiness.

4- The NCC-1701-E. My favourite Enterprise ship ever. I almost expected to see it in the 2009 movie. I was sad when it was not the case.

I have to admit that all of my choices are not at all contemporary to the Original Series' timeline, but as you can see I’m most definitely a Next Generation girl. There is a big part of me that wishes that we could get a final movie about my favourite Enterprise crew or at least a mini-series.

But what do you think? What would you like to see in a future Star Trek movie?



Friday, June 26, 2009

How to survive a Star Trek Marathon

In early January, not long after the New Year, I embarked on a Star Trek: The Next Generation viewing marathon. 7 seasons, 176 episodes, watched over a period of approximately 3 and a half months. Yes, that’s a lot of Star Trek. And I followed it with a Star Trek Voyager marathon (which I'm currently finishing – season 6 right now - after a 2 month hiatus) and in the midst of all this I watched season one of Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

It’s a lot of TV and a lot of time spent sitting or lying down in every different possible physical position imaginable. As I was thinking about this, it suddenly came to me that everyone who plans to embark on such a venture should have at least some sort of survival or tip guide at the ready, in order to help make such an undertaking agreeable.

This list is first and foremost intended as being humorous so please take some of what I’m saying only partially seriously :)

1- You need to love or at least like Star Trek
2- You need to be ready to sacrifice other TV shows that are currently playing on TV
3- You need a comfortable area to lie or sit upon (lots of pillows also help)
4- You need to have some food that you can munch on close at hand
5- Drink fluids but not too much so you don’t have to press pause every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom
6- Get some exercise done once in a while so your muscles don’t atrophy or you don’t gain too much weight (see the food comment above)
7- Get some fresh air everyday so you can see there is a world outside your television and your apartment
8- Don’t answer the phone or the door so as not to break your concentration and pray that no alarm rings while you’re watching your favourite episode.
9- Also pray that none of your neighbours will play their stereo too loud
10- You need to be ready to order in once in a while so as not to be bothered with making food because you will need to stop the DVD from playing.
11- Be patient when someone needs to interrupt you because they have a life or death question and or situation
12- Enjoy it as much as you can and be in the moment but don’t expect to remember everything unless upon repeat viewing
13- Try not to drink too much alcoholic beverages before watching Star Trek Nemesis (Dataaaaaaa noooooooo!) so as to avoid crying like a baby

Well, that’s about it! Hope it will help you out! :D



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Creation Entertainment Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention

Okay everyone, I should have done this much sooner but there it finally is:


This is the link to the Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention being held in Las Vegas on August 6-9. There is a lot of information in there so make sure to scroll down right to the bottom of the page. As you can see, there will be many guests attending the convention and many activities taking place over the long weekend. I will be there the entire four days and I will attend many of the principal parties since I have a Gold Weekend Admission Package. More details to come later.



Monday, June 22, 2009

The Return of Wendi

This morning marks the return of Wendi Lynn Allison (@wendilynnmakeup) to the set of my current favourite series: Heroes.

Wendi is key makeup artist on the show and she also specializes in mild special makeup effects. Future Peter's scar is her handywork, one amongst the many other fantastic bloody disgusting things she does! :) Check out her wonderful work here: http://www.makeupmafia.com/Wendi_Allison_Avignone/Home.html

Wendi has been on twitter for many months now, sharing with her Heroes fans non-spoilery behind the scenes pics, challenging us with trivia questions, giving makeup advice and sending hellos from cast and crew. She is also a very kind and generous person. I needed makeup advice recently and she took the time to give it to me.

I promised her a Happy Dance on the morning of her return to the set of Heroes so here it is!


Welcome Home Wendi!


Many Thanks!

Before I post anything new, I want to thank Sci-Fi Director and Writer Patti Beninati (@Patti0713) for her help and support. The idea for this blog just sprung up really fast but she encouraged me, pushed me and provided me with the proverbial kick in the butt. She also read my first draft and supplied me with many insightful comments. Without her help and support these last few days, I'd still be thinking about wether I should do it or not! Haha! Patti is currently working on pilots for D Man and Kyle Youngblood. Go check her website at http://www.areutrippin.com/index2.html

Patti, you're awesome!!! Thank you for believing in me!

There are also a few others I need to thank as well @Denyalle @ilaam @KristinaAwesome @HireHeather @crazyTVaholic @Rikku819 @asexiness You rock girls!!!!!!!

I also want to thank all my Twitter friends out there. You are too kind and generous to me. I can't believe you are still listening to all my crazy twitter talk!

Talk to you soon!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

An introduction

Hello everyone!

I'm just a girl who loves and watches a lot of Sci-Fi. That's me in a nutshell. My love story with Science-Fiction began years ago when I was a very young girl when I used to watch the adventures of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise during supper time. At the time, I only saw these episodes in french, both because my french speaking family did not speak a word of english and because we didn't have cable yet. However, I do remember it as being my first contact with glorious space faring adventures. Then, a few years later, I became quite fond of another little show called Space 1999 which was England's very own version of Star Trek. I fondly remember thinking back then that Maia was the most beautiful alien I had ever seen and I so desperately wanted to be her when I grew up. It was also around that same time that I became quite enthralled by the movie Logan's Run. Can anyone remember that they even made a series out of that movie? Anyone? In 1982, V the mini-series came along, followed by the short lived series. I have fond memories of that show, and of the seductive alien Diana eating a huge rat. Good times - I wonder if the new version of the series will show us something like that.

In 1987 a new Sci-Fi series came along. Its name, Star Trek: The Next Generation. I remember loving it so much (and I still do) that I became a member of the Star Trek fan club - not an easy task in my non-english speaking family unit. I remember that I never missed an episode right until the last season as the adventures of this new Enterprise crew captured my imagination. I loved them as my family. Over the years, this series has stayed with me on and off for most of my teenage and young adult life. Back then, and still even now, I thought that Captain Picard was the coolest and most collected and intelligent captain I had ever seen; that and that he was a french starship Captain with a British accent! However, my heart belonged to Data, the emotionless android who strove to become more and more human every day of his existence. Over the years I grew to have many other Star Trek favourites. Star Trek: Voyager's EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) called The Doctor also holds a special place in my heart, much like Data does, and I have grown quite fond of Star Trek: Deep Space 9's cunning and often hilarious Quark and of Star Trek: Enterprise's Denobulan doctor named Phlox.

Of course, I don't just exclusively love Star Trek. As the people who follow me on twitter can attest to, I'm also a rabid Heroes fan, and despite the troubles the show has experienced during seasons 2 and 3 I believe that season 4 will return it to its former season 1 glory (I want to state here that I never stopped loving this show). And don't get me started about my favourite character, Sylar. I may get to have a lot to say about him and about the wonderful and talented Zachary Quinto. I also happen to be a big fan of the new Doctor Who series and of it's main star, David Tennant. That man has talent, charisma and boundless energy to spare. I did watch a few episodes of the older series but I never could quite get into it, though I have to say that I liked the fifth Doctor very much.

I also watched, enthralled, the re-invention of Battlestar Galactica (though the ending was a HUGE disappointment for me), laughed and cried through seven seasons of Buffy and five of Angel, fell in love with Stargate Atlantis first and foremost and then with Stargate by association, adored Farscape and got my son hooked on it (I'm a bad mother, I know haha) and also became crazy about a certain little show called Chuck - None of this is in any particular order of course. And right now, I basically cannot wait for the new shows that are coming up this fall season: Flash Forward, Stargate Universe and V amongst others. But I digress.

I decided to create that little blog for all the reasons I mentioned above and also because this year, for the first time in my life, I will be going to a Star Trek convention. THE Star Trek convention that will take place in Vegas on August 6-9. Yours truly has her golden ticket and she will make the most of it. I will be reporting on the panels I will attend, the performances I will see, and the actors. I will post some pictures as well and will let you know how these conventions work. I am sure there will be plenty of stories to tell. In the meantime, I might talk about anything Scienfictionny (I think I made that up) or any other things that will happen to capture my imagination! Stick around!