Monday, June 22, 2009

The Return of Wendi

This morning marks the return of Wendi Lynn Allison (@wendilynnmakeup) to the set of my current favourite series: Heroes.

Wendi is key makeup artist on the show and she also specializes in mild special makeup effects. Future Peter's scar is her handywork, one amongst the many other fantastic bloody disgusting things she does! :) Check out her wonderful work here:

Wendi has been on twitter for many months now, sharing with her Heroes fans non-spoilery behind the scenes pics, challenging us with trivia questions, giving makeup advice and sending hellos from cast and crew. She is also a very kind and generous person. I needed makeup advice recently and she took the time to give it to me.

I promised her a Happy Dance on the morning of her return to the set of Heroes so here it is!

Welcome Home Wendi!



  1. haha!! i was expecting to see YOU do the happy dance;)

  2. I know right!? YOU need to do the happy dance!