Sunday, June 21, 2009

An introduction

Hello everyone!

I'm just a girl who loves and watches a lot of Sci-Fi. That's me in a nutshell. My love story with Science-Fiction began years ago when I was a very young girl when I used to watch the adventures of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise during supper time. At the time, I only saw these episodes in french, both because my french speaking family did not speak a word of english and because we didn't have cable yet. However, I do remember it as being my first contact with glorious space faring adventures. Then, a few years later, I became quite fond of another little show called Space 1999 which was England's very own version of Star Trek. I fondly remember thinking back then that Maia was the most beautiful alien I had ever seen and I so desperately wanted to be her when I grew up. It was also around that same time that I became quite enthralled by the movie Logan's Run. Can anyone remember that they even made a series out of that movie? Anyone? In 1982, V the mini-series came along, followed by the short lived series. I have fond memories of that show, and of the seductive alien Diana eating a huge rat. Good times - I wonder if the new version of the series will show us something like that.

In 1987 a new Sci-Fi series came along. Its name, Star Trek: The Next Generation. I remember loving it so much (and I still do) that I became a member of the Star Trek fan club - not an easy task in my non-english speaking family unit. I remember that I never missed an episode right until the last season as the adventures of this new Enterprise crew captured my imagination. I loved them as my family. Over the years, this series has stayed with me on and off for most of my teenage and young adult life. Back then, and still even now, I thought that Captain Picard was the coolest and most collected and intelligent captain I had ever seen; that and that he was a french starship Captain with a British accent! However, my heart belonged to Data, the emotionless android who strove to become more and more human every day of his existence. Over the years I grew to have many other Star Trek favourites. Star Trek: Voyager's EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) called The Doctor also holds a special place in my heart, much like Data does, and I have grown quite fond of Star Trek: Deep Space 9's cunning and often hilarious Quark and of Star Trek: Enterprise's Denobulan doctor named Phlox.

Of course, I don't just exclusively love Star Trek. As the people who follow me on twitter can attest to, I'm also a rabid Heroes fan, and despite the troubles the show has experienced during seasons 2 and 3 I believe that season 4 will return it to its former season 1 glory (I want to state here that I never stopped loving this show). And don't get me started about my favourite character, Sylar. I may get to have a lot to say about him and about the wonderful and talented Zachary Quinto. I also happen to be a big fan of the new Doctor Who series and of it's main star, David Tennant. That man has talent, charisma and boundless energy to spare. I did watch a few episodes of the older series but I never could quite get into it, though I have to say that I liked the fifth Doctor very much.

I also watched, enthralled, the re-invention of Battlestar Galactica (though the ending was a HUGE disappointment for me), laughed and cried through seven seasons of Buffy and five of Angel, fell in love with Stargate Atlantis first and foremost and then with Stargate by association, adored Farscape and got my son hooked on it (I'm a bad mother, I know haha) and also became crazy about a certain little show called Chuck - None of this is in any particular order of course. And right now, I basically cannot wait for the new shows that are coming up this fall season: Flash Forward, Stargate Universe and V amongst others. But I digress.

I decided to create that little blog for all the reasons I mentioned above and also because this year, for the first time in my life, I will be going to a Star Trek convention. THE Star Trek convention that will take place in Vegas on August 6-9. Yours truly has her golden ticket and she will make the most of it. I will be reporting on the panels I will attend, the performances I will see, and the actors. I will post some pictures as well and will let you know how these conventions work. I am sure there will be plenty of stories to tell. In the meantime, I might talk about anything Scienfictionny (I think I made that up) or any other things that will happen to capture my imagination! Stick around!



  1. Excellent post! I can't wait to hear all about your Wine & Cheese adventure!! And the rest of the trip too of course.

  2. Awesome blog! Looking forward to the updates from Vegas and beyond... (jaycee419)

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  4. This is awesome!
    You Rock...The New Blog Queen of Sci-Fi.
    Best with this & have fun at the Convention. Can't wait to read what you experienced in Vegas.