Friday, April 30, 2010

Batman Sequel Coming to the Big Screen in 2012!

In other Super Hero news today, Warner Brothers has officially announced that the third Batman movie is coming out to a theatre near you on July 20th 2012!

Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone Clip 3

Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone Clip 2

Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone Clip 1

First Look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor!!!


There it is! This is our first look at Star Trek actor Chris Hemsworth as the mighty God of Thunder Thor!

Doctor Who - Take Your First Clear Look at the Silurians!!

[Life, Doctor Who and Combom]

Doctor Who - The Hungry Earth First Promo Pic!

This is the first promo pic for Doctor Who 5.08 The Hungry Earth. It does look like a mouth in the ground doesn't it?

[Spoiler TV]

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New information on Upcoming Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor Who Magazine #421 has some information that reveals a bit more about the stories for upcoming Doctor Who series 5 episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9. Episodes 8 and 9 are a two-parter titled The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood.

Doctor Who - Introducing Flesh and Stone Video

Heroes Renewal Looking Up!

Heroes, one of my favourite shows on TV, may finally get the renewal that I have been hoping for. After some stories broke out recently that it would probably come back for a 13 episodes run that would close the series, Michael Ausiello now says that there is a 60% chance it will get picked up! [Ask Ausiello]

I have been crossing my toes and fingers so hard that I may be loosing them, but it appears it may pay off. Still keeping them crossed until the announcement is made.

Check Out True Blood's Newest Promo Poster!

This is an all new poster advertising HBO's season 3 of True Blood. The shapeshifters refer to Sam and his family, as well as the werewolves - including Alcide Hervieux, that will be seen this season.

HBO. Have. The. Best. Advertising. Ever!


Doctor Who - Amy's Choice episode Images *Spoilery

Doctor Who - Amy's Choice Press Release


This is the press release issued by the BBC Press Office for the Doctor Who series 5 episode 7 titled Amy's Choice:

It's been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life for ever.

Amy Pond is played by Karen Gillan and the Doctor by Matt Smith. [BBC Press Office]

Amy's Choice will air on BBC One and BBC HD Saturday 15 may at 6.30pm

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

True Blood Webisode - Eric and Pam!

This is the first HBO True Blood webisode in glorious HD. It features Eric and Pam at Fangtasia, looking for a new act. Very hilarious.

Exclusive Interview with 1945a's Thomas Mikusz!

As I promised earlier in the week, I have an exclusive interview for you with the actor who plays the role of the ''Nazi Colonel'' in the short WWII Sci-Fi movie 1945a, the lovely and talented Thomas Mikusz. Since Thomas is definitely an up and coming actor in Hollywood I wanted to seize the chance to let you know about him.

Mikusz hails from Austria and has appeared in quite a few tv series such as Days of our Lives, Passions and The Unit so you may have already noticed the handsome actor on your TV screen before. It's my belief that we could very well see Thomas Mikusz on the big screen soon so look out for him!

Gorgeous True Blood Season 3 Cast Poster!

HBO is definitely doing great with their marketing of the upcoming season 3 of True Blood. Just look at that promotional cast photo! What's not to love?!? It's sexy and gorgeous, it's telling me to do bad things and Eric is hot.

That is all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone Promo Pics

Let's be truthful here. There's nothing like waking up in the morning to the sight of gorgeous high def pictures from an upcoming episode of Doctor Who.

The pictures below are all from the upcoming episode titled Flesh and Stone. Last time we left our intrepid adventurers, they were definitely in a tight spot with the Weeping Angels in the Maze of the Dead. How will this all end? Let's tune in and find out this saturday.

In the meanwhile, click on the link for more pictures and Enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Upcoming DWM Cover Reveals More Doctor Who Episode Titles!

This gorgeous cover for the upcoming Doctor Who Magazine #421 may have just revealed the title of upcoming Doctor Who episode 5.08.

Why You Will Love 1945a!

Sometimes, you really find little jewels on the internet. I saw this short film recently and I wanted to share it with you. It's a WWII Sci-Fi movie titled 1945a and I thought it was absolutely fantastic! It really looks like a high quality feature film, with great acting and effects.

I will also have an interview for you with the gorgeous and talented Thomas Mikusz, who plays the Nazi Colonel in this film, which will be coming up later this week!

Stay tuned and enjoy!

You can go and see director/writer Ryan Nagata's website here.

Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone Teasers!

How absolutely wonderful was The Time of Angels? This is what I call a fantastic Doctor Who episode. So I'm really excited about the upcoming Flesh and Stone which will conclude this two-parter by Steven Moffat.

Plus, it's that time of the week for the ten teasers for Flesh and Stone.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doctor Who - The Time of Angels Inside Trekker Review

This episode was fantastic. Just bloody fantastic (I'm saying this in my best British accent so you know).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doctor Who - The Time of Angels Concept Art

Below are a few of the Concept Art that was put up by the BBC for it's recent Doctor Who episode The Time of Angels

Doctor Who - Flesh and Stone Trailer

This is the trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who episode Flesh and Stone.


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Doctor as New Patron Saint of England? Count me In!

This is so good, I just had to put this up.

Adam Rutherford, from The Guardian UK, has written a story about St George, the patron saint of England, in which he questions whether or not the saint truly ever existed, and where he also discusses his love of Country. It's an interesting and entertaining article but the main point is that Rutherford has decided to offer an alternative as England's patron saint, a little fictionnal character known only as the Doctor:

Ridley Scott Talks Alien Prequel

Ridley Scott is definitely one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. The Robin Hood director has many movies under his belt, amongst them are the sci-fi classics Blade Runner and Alien. The first one. The scary horror thriller one.

Although I've always preferred Aliens to Alien, I can remember Alien being the first movie that truly scared me to death as a child. I mean, the tension, the suspense, the mostly unseen Alien hiding in the Nostromo, picking each crew member one by one, making minced meat of each and everyone of them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctor Who: Upcoming Weeping Angels Two-Parter Like ''Aliens''

According to Steven Moffat, if his first Weeping Angels episode Blink was more like Ridley Scott's Alien, then The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone can be compared to James Cameron's Aliens.

The upcoming two-parter will be much more action oriented than Blink was.

Doctor Who - The Time of Angels Preview Clip 3

Doctor Who - The Time of Angels Preview Clip 2

Doctor Who - The Time of Angels Preview Clip 1

Doctor Who - Introducing the Time of Angels

This is a video introduction to the Doctor Who episode The Time of Angels by the episode's director Adam Smith.


Doctor Who - The Vampires of Venice Press Release

Hot off the press is the BBC's press release for Doctor Who - The Vampires of Venice.

Doctor Who Heading to the Dalek Homeworld!

The first Doctor Who: The Adventure Games episode is titled City of the Daleks and will have the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond travel to Kaalann, the Dalek Capital city, for the very first time!

US Torchwood on FOX is Dead!

The Fox US Version of Torchwood is DEAD!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Being Human Season 1 DVD & Blu-Ray US Release Date!

I love, love, love! Being Human.

The hit little BBC drama about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire tackles real-life issues as well as the supernatural.

So I was really happy to see that season 1 has been officially announced for release in the US (and Canada as well) on July 20 on both DVD and Blu-Ray format.

There is no information about the special features yet, but it should be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned!


True Blood Series 3 New Teaser Poster!

This new Promo Teaser poster for the upcoming Season 3 of True Blood premiering on HBO June 13 is so funny, I had to put it up on the blog. Click on it for a larger version and notice the information on Vampire Bill.

This is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a while. HBO is truly doing a great job in promoting True Blood. Good work guys! - and yes, waiting sucks.


Leonard Nimoy Confirms his Retirement from Acting

In a recent interview given to the Toronto Sun, Leonard Nimoy once again confirmed that he is indeed retiring from acting, and that we shouldn't expect to see him in the Star Trek sequel (due out in 2012)or anywhere else for that matter.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alex Kingston Talks Doctor Who


Digital Spy has a video interview with the lovely Alex Kingston who plays Professor River Song in the two upcoming Doctor Who episodes The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone.

I listed the most interesting points of this interview and also added the video for your viewing pleasure:

Zachary Quinto: Leonard Nimoy is Not Doing Another Star Trek

Actor Zachary Quinto was in New York last night for WET Production's "Stars Give Love" benefit performance of short plays which took place at the Lower East Side's Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Quinto is most famous for playing bad-boy-turned-good-guy Sylar on NBC's Heroes, and was catapulted to movie stardom by playing the newest incarnation of one of Star Trek's most iconic characters: Vulcan science officer Spock, in JJ Abram's 2009 Star Trek movie, which successfully revived the franchise.

Doctor Who ''The Time of Angels'' New Promo Pics!

Some brand new promo pictures for The Time of Angels are now online. Written by Steven moffat The Time of Angels features the return of everyone's favourite new Doctor Who monsters, the Weeping Angels, and of Professor River Song.

Monday, April 19, 2010

John Barrowman Says No Torchwood Without Captain Jack

In an article published today on Airlock Alpha, John Barrowman has apparently said that nothing official has been revealed to him concerning the status of Torchwood as of yet. From his comments, however, it even seems unofficial that the series is USA bound.

Doctor Who ''The Time of Angels'' Tardis Scene

*Spoilers Below

This is a very funny scene from the upcoming Doctor Who episode The Time of Angels which shows the Doctor, Amy and River Song inside the Tardis. It basically explains why the Tardis makes that ''wheezy'' sound when it materializes.


Karl Urban Thinks Star Trek Sequel Will Film in Early 2011

New Zealand actor Karl Urban, who played Dr. Leonard ''Bones'' McKoy in 2009's Star Trek, gave an interview to in which he discusses his role as a villain in his upcoming movie Priest ( it also stars Paul Bettany in the titular role and Maggie Q as a priestess). But he also had a few things to say about Star Trek as well.

Doctor Who: Ten Teasers for ''The Time of Angels''

Digital Spy has once again posted ten teasers for the upcoming Doctor Who episode The Time of Angels. The episode is written by showrunner Steven Moffat and is the first part in a two-parter that will conclude the following week with Flesh and Stone.

Doctor Who ''Victory of the Daleks'' Concept Art

The official Doctor Who website has posted some Concept Art from the recent Doctor Who episode Victory of the Daleks.

Matt Smith's Doctor To Appear on The Sarah Jane Adventures!

The BBC has just issued a press release about it's upcoming series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games ''Fight the Daleks'' Trailer

This is the Trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who downloadable game Fight the Daleks, the first in the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games series of 4.

The game will be available for free download on June 5 and It shows the Doctor and Amy confronted by one of the new look Daleks in a nightmarish vision of London... in 1963! [BBC Doctor Who]

It is still unclear if the game will be restricted to the UK or if it will be made available worldwide.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Firefox News Retracts it's Story on the Status of Torchwood

After being contacted by the BBC, Firefox News has made a retraction concerning it's story on the Torchwood filming status which I talked about here.

You can read their retraction here.

Sad but these things do tend to happen.

Now it still leaves us with knowing absolutely nothing about the status of Torchwood and it's starting to suck big time for all of us fans.

Doctor Who ''The Time of Angels'' Promo

Doctor Who ''Victory of the Daleks'' Inside Trekker Review

Victory of the Daleks is written by Mark Gatiss who also previously wrote the fantastic ''The Unquiet Dead'' and the less so ''The Idiot's Lantern.'' This episode unfortunately suffers a bit compared to the previous two ones but is still none-the-less an interesting romp. As a stand-alone Dalek themed episode, it will undoubtedly be compared to ''Dalek'', the series great 1 episode written by Robert Shearman.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doctor Who ''The Time of Angels'' Trailer

I'm so excited about this upcoming episode it's crazy! Weeping Angels, River Song!


Friday, April 16, 2010

James Marsters Still Wants to Play Spike

James Marsters is better known for his role as the sexy bleached-haired vampire Spike from a little TV show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Yes, there were shows about Vampires before Twilight ever existed you know. But I digress.

He also had a recurring role in Torchwood's second series as Captain John Hart (he even got to exchange saliva with Captain Jack Harkness on the show). He was also on Smallville as Professor Milton Fine a.k.a Brainiac and we saw him just recently as Barnabas Greeley on Caprica.

Matt Smith lets slip something about Steven Moffat


Sci-Fi Wire has posted a story about 7 big changes for Doctor Who but there is one thing that has caught my attention. It is that Matt Smith has apparently let slip that:

News on the Filming of Torchwood Season 4

Firefox News is reporting that filming has recently wrapped for what is called Torchwood: Season 4. Belief is that filming was for the pilot and not the complete series yet.

We know that Russell T. Davies is working on was has been dubbed Torchwood USA and that it has been picked up by FOX. Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner - both BBC veterans - are executive producing it. So far, so good.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Preview This Saturday

The BBC has announced today that it will preview footage from Doctor Who: The Adventure Games right after Saturday's episode of Doctor Who ''Victory of the Daleks.''

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tennant, Who and Torchwood get Noms for Constellation Awards!

David Tennant's reign as the Doctor may be over, but the Scottish actor is still receiving nominations for his tremendous work on Doctor Who!

The Constellation Awards (more information in this post) have rewarded David Tennant with a nomination for Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode for his role as the Doctor in ''The Waters of Mars.''

Star Trek Gets 5 Constellation Awards Nominations

My favourite Sci-Fi movie of 2009, Star Trek, has received 5 nominations for the Constellations Awards.

Doctor Who ''Flesh And Stone'' Press Release

Fresh off the BBC's Press office, is the press release for Doctor Who 5X05 titled ''Flesh And Stone.''

Doctor Who ''Victory of the Daleks'': Ten Teasers

Digital Spy has ten teasers for the upcoming Doctor Who episode ''Victory of the Daleks.'' Written by Mark Gatiss and featuring the character of Winston Churchill, this episode also marks the return of one of the Doctor's most enduring ennemies: the Daleks.

Here is what they revealed:

Doctor Who ''Victory of the Daleks'' Promo Pic

Recently out is this gorgeous BBC promo pic for Doctor Who 5X03 ''Victory of the Daleks.'' The episode will air this saturday April 17 on BBC One and BBC HD at 6.30pm [BBC]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Captain America's Love Found! British Actress Cast

Seems like the search for Captain America's love, Peggy Carter, has ended. Little known (on this side of the pond at least) British actress Hayley Atwell has apparently won the coveted role. The news has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision.

The character Atwell will play is named Peggy Carter, who in comics lore not only dated Captain America but was an agent helping the French Resistance. She later became the aunt of Sharon Carter, Captain America’s love in modern times.

Doctor Who 5X03 Introducing ''Victory of the Daleks''

Doctor Who 5X03 ''Victory of the Daleks'' Clip 3

Doctor Who 5X03 ''Victory of the Daleks'' Clip 2

Doctor Who 5X03 ''Victory of the Daleks'' Clip 1

Doctor Who's Matt Smith Confirms San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Permission to use the picture graciously granted by Accidental Sexiness

In a video where Matt Smith was answering a fan's question about whether he would like to see a new Doctor Who episode set in the US (he would, by the way, and would like it to be set in New York or San Francisco), the young actor finished by saying ''see you at Comic-Con.''

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor Who in Paley Center: Interesting Tidbits


Yesterday, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were on hand in New York City's Paley Center to answer questions from journalists and to premiere the first episode of Doctor Who Series 5 titled ''The Eleventh Hour ''which airs this saturday, April 17, in North America.

Io9 was there to get interviews and in the process they got a few interesting tidbits from the Doctor Who gang. Amongst them:

Pitch Black and Riddick Sequel: Official Title Released and First Script Review Online

I love Pitch Black. It was an original and fun 2000 Sci-Fi movie that thrilled the viewers. It had a great but simple story - a group of survivors from a spaceship that crashed on a forbidden planet with 3 suns try to survive it's horrific, deadly night creatures. It also gave us a fantastic character named Richard P. Riddick, played by Vin Diesel, who was a convict and not a do-gooder or a framed ex-policeman or any other standard Sci-Fi hero you might get. In fact, Riddick was the quintessential anti-hero.