Friday, April 16, 2010

James Marsters Still Wants to Play Spike

James Marsters is better known for his role as the sexy bleached-haired vampire Spike from a little TV show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Yes, there were shows about Vampires before Twilight ever existed you know. But I digress.

He also had a recurring role in Torchwood's second series as Captain John Hart (he even got to exchange saliva with Captain Jack Harkness on the show). He was also on Smallville as Professor Milton Fine a.k.a Brainiac and we saw him just recently as Barnabas Greeley on Caprica.

Marsters is now currently in Melbourne Australia to attend the Supanova Pop Culture Expo at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds from Friday April 16 until Sunday April 18.

When asked by The Herald Sun about his most famous role and whether he would like to return to it, despite being 48 (I knowwwww!! How does that man do it I can't say. But boy does he look hot!) this is the exchange that went on:

Five years ago, when everyone was asking whether there would be some kind of Buffy comeback, you told the Herald Sun that you only had a couple of years before you’d be too old to play Spike. Has that window of time passed?

No, you know, I’m holding up better than I thought I was (laughs). I’ve discovered wheat-grass and stretching! I dunno. It’d have to all come down to a camera-test, and is there a way to light the character so that he’ll be pretty much the same? I think it’d be possible, but it would be hard to tell without a real camera-test. I don’t want to play an ageing Spike. If we could really fool the audience into thinking I haven’t aged a day, that would be cool. But we’d need a lot of duct tape. Just kidding, I look gorgeous. [Herald Sun]

A Spike tv movie was buzzed about for a few years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended its run in 2003 but nothing came to pass.

Would you still like to see a Spike TV movie? Do you think it's too late for it?


  1. A Spike TV movie would be AMAZING! A Buffy movie in general would kick all kinds of ass, but having the original cast is key. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Spike, or having new actors for any of the other characters. Regardless of aging, I think fans would put any superficial changes aside in order to see their fav characters back in action! But, at least in James' case, it shouldn't be a problem because he seriously still looks fantastic :)

  2. Il est trop Sexy je suis amoureuse de lui comme ma bff