Monday, April 19, 2010

Doctor Who: Ten Teasers for ''The Time of Angels''

Digital Spy has once again posted ten teasers for the upcoming Doctor Who episode The Time of Angels. The episode is written by showrunner Steven Moffat and is the first part in a two-parter that will conclude the following week with Flesh and Stone.

The Time of Angels marks the return of two of Steven Moffat's most iconic Doctor Who creations - the Weeping Angels and River Song. We're finally getting to see the story of the Byzantium that was briefly mentioned in Silence in the Library!

1. When we meet Doctor Song, she's on the run - but she has an escape plan involving The Doctor.

2. The episode includes the caption "10,000 years later."

3. There's a Weeping Angel trapped inside the Byzantium.

4. First mention of "spoilers"? 9 minutes 27 seconds.

5. Amy: "Is River Song **** ****? ... "She's *** ****** from the ******, isn't she?"

6. There's a device that harks back to 'Silence In The Library'. Think "hey, who turned out the lights?"

7. Amy should really learn that too much TV is bad for her eyes.

8. The Doctor. Bites. Amy.

9. River: "I have pictures of *** **** *****."

10. The cliffhanger isn't the usual sort of two-parter cliffhanger we've grown accustomed to with new Who. Despite being very familiar.

[Digital Spy]
The Time of Angels airs April 24 on BBC One and BBC HD 6.20pm

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