Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor Who in Paley Center: Interesting Tidbits


Yesterday, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were on hand in New York City's Paley Center to answer questions from journalists and to premiere the first episode of Doctor Who Series 5 titled ''The Eleventh Hour ''which airs this saturday, April 17, in North America.

Io9 was there to get interviews and in the process they got a few interesting tidbits from the Doctor Who gang. Amongst them:

  • The Doctor changes a lot during the series, from episode 1 through to the ending in episodes 12 and 13.
  • Matt Smith's favourite Aliens against whom to act are the Weeping Angels and the vampires from ''Vampires in Venice.''
  • Steven Moffat says it's a coincidence that no one dies in his episodes, but that there will be some deaths (some people do die offscreen in the first episode) because Doctor Who is dark.
  • Karen Gillan doesn't think that there is romantic love between the Doctor and Amy though she has love for him.
  • The pair has a very roller-coaster relationship, driving each other up the wall while caring deeply for one another.
  • Matt Smith admitted that he drew from Albert Einstein for inspiration for his Doctor. Especially from a picture where the scientist has his tongue hanging out [this one here]
  • Steven Moffat said that he clock-work repair droids from ''The Girl in the Fireplace'' wont make a come-back.
Go here to see the video and read the full report.

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