Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctor Who: Upcoming Weeping Angels Two-Parter Like ''Aliens''

According to Steven Moffat, if his first Weeping Angels episode Blink was more like Ridley Scott's Alien, then The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone can be compared to James Cameron's Aliens.

The upcoming two-parter will be much more action oriented than Blink was.

The best way to explain the difference between 'Blink' and these two episodes would be to say that I think the best conceived movie sequel ever was Aliens following Alien.

It took the same monster into an entirely different type of film. That is very roughly the model for this. 'Blink 'was a small, low-key one and this is the highly coloured, loud, action-movie one.

About the Weeping Angels themselves, Moffat added that last time, the implication was that they were hiding out on earth, as scavengers who are just surviving - they didn't have a big terrible plan. This time there really is a big terrible plan which goes beyond mere survival, and is almost like a war.

Moffat had also quite a few interesting things to say about Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor:

We find out he's a bit rubbish at flying the Tardis and he trips over his feet and breaks things.

Both Chris [Eccleston] and David [Tennant] were quite cool Doctors, and while Matt certainly isn't short on cool, he has an amazing clumsiness. He's halfway between Indiana Jones and Stan Laurel.
[Digital Spy]

Concerning Matt Smith's clumsiness, it has been reported by Steven Moffat himself before, and I find it great that they are including it into this Doctor's personality. I can also picture the Eleventh Doctor as a cross between Indiana jones and Stan Laurel, though I definitely like the Indiana Jones part better :)

I always enjoyed Aliens much more than Alien. So I'm definitely looking forward to see what new dimensions the Doctor Who showrunner will bring to the Weeping Angels.

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