Tuesday, April 6, 2010

''Chuck vs. The Other Guy'' Inside Trekker Review

Last night, in ‘Chuck vs. The Other Guy,’ the fans were finally given what most had been waiting for since, well, since almost the beginning of the show: the long awaited Chuck and Sarah pairing.

It was a beautiful moment when a third into the episode, Sarah finally answered yes to Chuck’s question: ‘Sarah, do you love me?’ a question asked in a drunken stupor, with our hero sitting on the floor in his underwear no-less, while clutching his plastic guitar from Guitar Hero. It was even sweeter when she said: ‘You’re still Chuck, you’re still my Chuck’ right after they had just kissed.

It was also a fantastic episode - one of the best of the season if not the whole series - in which Shaw – already broken and somewhat unhinged by the death of his wife five years ago - definitely turned traitor to his country following last week’s episode ‘Chuck vs. the American Hero,’ when Shaw learned that it was Sarah who had killed her during her red test. Although it was ambiguous at first, and both the viewer and Chuck weren’t 100 % sure about this, Shaw decided to work with the Ring to get his vengeance.

It was somewhat sad to see a man who had been so straight and narrow – an American hero – turn on Sarah and his country. Yes, Sarah killed your wife but she did what she was ordered to do. Sure the pill is hard to swallow but wouldn’t you rather try and find out who was behind this and why did they want to frame your wife as a Ring operative if she wasn’t really one? Maybe this will be answered in due time.

Though most will be happy to see Shaw leave the show, I’m not all convinced that he is truly dead and have a feeling he could be coming back in the future – just take Bryce Larkin as an example. But he did his purpose, he separated Chuck and Sarah long enough and got on every viewer’s nerves. I have to salute Brandon Routh for playing such an ungrateful role. The guy did his work.

On the Casey and Morgan front, it’s great to see some sort of budding relationship between the two of them, and both were there to support Chuck in helping Sarah and foiling Shaw. It was hilarious to see Morgan compare Casey to himself before he knew all about Chuck being a spy and that there was a CIA base under the Buy More. Our poor Casey looked defeated.

Our Morgan Grimes really came into his own and the little guy’s desire to become a spy and follow in Chuck’s footsteps is evident. I believe that from now on, we the viewers will get to see the spy world through Morgan’s eyes, and judging from the snippets we saw of the upcoming remaining 6 episodes it should be a riot, as Casey will try to train Morgan into becoming a spy. I wonder how will Morgan juggle both the spy life and working at the Buy More as his cover? Also great was when Morgan applied his Kung Fu movie viewing expertise into discovering that the footage of Shaw fighting the Ring operatives was a rehearsed staged fight. I knew that Shaw’s repeated glances toward the camera were fishy. Go geeks!!!

Also funny was General Beckman’s strong reluctance and clear discomfort in bringing Morgan into Operation Bartowski. Her discussion with him on the phone towards the end was priceless. Oh and good work Casey! Not only is he back as a spy and has regained his rank of colonel, he also got a Crown Victoria into the bargain. I thought it well thought to have Casey bring down the back guys in the ‘background’ and really concentrate on the Chuck-Shaw showdown.

The most important event that happened in last night’s Chuck, was that our hero made his first kill and that first kill was Shaw. It was an intentional kill, albeit one done in order to save Sarah. What's more, it was done without the help of the Intersect. Chuck is thus truly becoming a spy and it will have some repercussion in the near future. Remember, Chuck is an emotional guy.

I was really afraid that Sarah would end up giving Chuck the 6 degrees or the cold shoulder as she’d previously done when she thought Chuck had killed the Mole. ‘Oh boohoo you killed someone – you’re not the same Chuck boohoo!’ I had some problems with that storyline because Sarah has dated her share of spies: first Bryce Larkin and then almost Shaw. I can see and understand that she didn’t want Chuck to change but I also found it a bit hypocritical coming from her and it has made Sarah less sympathetic for many viewers in the past episodes.

But, in the end, we got a relieved and happy Sarah who blurted: ‘you saved me’ before she fell into Chuck’s arms. In a Paris hotel room. With the view of the Eiffel Tower. Good work show, good work. Even better when they had Beckman coming live on the laptop to interrupt the 2 lovers, but she was dealt with rather quickly when Sarah first turned the laptop around and then closed it as the lovers finally got their long overdue time together.

The actors were top notch, and my kudos go to Zachary Levi who, week after week, manages to make Chuck so lovable and dramatic and wonderful as he is wearing his heart on his sleeve. Everyone was great and I believe Chuck is blessed with one of the best casts on TV.

There are only 6 episodes left for season 3 and they look amazing. Plus we’re getting Scott Bakula back as Chuck’s dad Steve Bartowski. NBC has not yet renewed Chuck for a fourth season – just like Heroes – and it is to us, the viewers, to show the network that we want it to come back.

I’ll be off to Subway if anyone’s looking for me.

Episode rating: A

Some Great moments:

•Chuck getting drunk on whiskey and playing guitar hero, in his underwear, then tying Morgan with the video game controllers in order to get his bottle back. Plus the John Hughes quoting
•Morgan quitting the Buy More and getting very emotional with Big Mike. Morgan going back to the Buy More.
•Beckman using a clapper in her room to open the lights.
•Sarah finally telling Chuck she loves him and that she had fallen in love with him before the Pilot was over.
•Casey using his capture of the Ring Director as leverage to get himself back into the CIA as Colonel, getting a Crown Victoria and getting Morgan into Team Bartowsky.
•Big Mike asking Morgan if he’d be selling his body in his new job.
•Jeff and Lester inviting Casey into their group.
•Chuck ordering a lot of back up – including air support and a tank – to save Sarah at the beginning of the show and Sarah telling Chuck she appreciated the tank.
•Chuck using his smarts and not the intersect to figure out where Shaw and Sarah are while on the plane to Paris.


  1. I think you're enjoying writting reviews now. It helps other people understand the episode and it's details. And you convinced me: I'm going to watch Chuck again.

  2. Great recap for a great episode! I had missed a couple of things, so thanks for the head's up! Keep these reviews coming!