Friday, April 16, 2010

Matt Smith lets slip something about Steven Moffat


Sci-Fi Wire has posted a story about 7 big changes for Doctor Who but there is one thing that has caught my attention. It is that Matt Smith has apparently let slip that:

''Episodes 12 and 13 are truly inspirational pieces of TV. For Steven, I think they're the best thing he's ever written. And the way he plays with time is quite extraordinary." (emphasis added)
[Sci-Fi Wire]

My mind is going in all directions and it makes me truly excited about what will happen for the finale. It's hard to make any conjectures or predictions because we've only just begun Series 5 and the titles for the last episodes have yet to be released.

We know that this season's theme has to do with the Pandoric (which apparently will open - we don't know what it is yet), that silence will fall, and that the universe has cracked.

Who's excited for Moffat's first season of Doctor Who as showrunner?

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