Friday, October 30, 2009

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Goodies! Exclusive Pics, A Review and a Release Date!!

There's a lot of Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars goodies today.

First off, Digital Spy has 8 new exclusive pictures from the next Doctor Who Special ''The Waters of Mars''. Go here to enjoy them.

Radio Free Skaro also gives a release date of November 15th on BBC One at 7 PM and has a look at the poster for the episode. Go Here to see it. There was a press release today which Radio Free Skaro attended. The release date is corroborated Here in this article as well.

There's even a short review here on the Telegraph, and they call ''The Waters of Mars'' a classic. Go Here to read it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Possible Transmission Date

While no official release date has been announced by the BBC yet for the first in the trilogy of David Tennant's swansong on Doctor Who, Den of Geek has done some investigating and has come up with a probable date of November 14th for the transmission of ''The Waters of Mars''.

The very creepy special will kick off the last of Russel T. Davies and Tennant's reign.

Go HERE for the story.
I will get back to you when the official date will be announced by the BBC

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - Den of Geek's Advance Review

The wonderful Elizabeth Sladen in her wedding attire, David Tennant as the Doctor and K-9

What am I holding in my hand? huh? Huh?

Den of Geek has posted an early advance review of the two episodes that make up ''The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'' featuring David Tennant as the Doctor.

If you do not want to be spoiled please stop reading now - although the spoilers are light.

Go read the reviews here for part 1 and here for part 2

Here are a few highlights from the Den of Geek Reviews:
Predictably, David Tennant make his entrance at the exact moment that I think we're all expecting but it's played out so damn perfectly that you'll be too busy cheering with glee (or wiping away tears) to care. A truly amazing television event with a cliffhanger worthy of Who itself.
About the Trickster

The Doctor knows of this blaggard (calling him "an eternal exile who exists to wreak havoc") and his cronies, The Pantheon Of Discord. The Trickster, of course, details The Doctor intimately; referring to his past in some detail (Tom Baker fans will get another chance to get all nostalgic) and his future (apparently 'The Gate' is waiting....). The no-eyed one has been waiting some time for a tete-a-tete with everyone's favourite Time Lord and we get a delicious conversation between the pair of them.

David Tennant revels in his role here, dancing from the light beats of humour to the heavier foreboding touches of his regeneration.

The goodbye scene between Sarah Jane and The Doctor is a poetic reply, if you like, to SJ's farewell scene in The Hand Of Fear where she asked "Don't forget me." (As a side-note, look out for the cuddly Owl she held when she first left the TARDIS now sitting in the Bannerman Road attic during part one of this story.) Sarah's answer is kitten-strokingly beautiful but also filled with pathos at the knowledge of what's to come - Lizzy S and Davey T perform remarkably and if there's a dry eye in your house then you must be a flippin' robot.

There you have it. Take out your tissues everyone. I guess it will be an emotional ride until the last episode of Russel T. Davies and David Tennant's reign in Doctor Who Lore.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Pictures on the Filming of Doctor Who Season 5

The ever prolific Scootyboy has put up more pictures from the filming of Season 5 of Doctor Who. You can go and view a huge quantity of those fantastic pictures HERE.
Filming took place at St Gwynnos, Wales.

10 Things on David Tennant's Stint on The Sarah Jane Adventures

There are 10 things to know about ''The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'' which features David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor this week on BBC One.

The following is from Digital Spy:

1. DT is technically in both episodes, but he doesn't appear right until the end of the first one. His opening words? "Stop this wedding now!"

2. Ahh yes, the wedding. Sarah Jane is getting married! To Nigel Havers. Erm, correction: a businessman called Peter Dalton who is played by Nigel Havers.

3. Yes, their relationship moves quickly - although there is a lot of use of things like "one week later".

4. But that aside, there's definitely something untoward going on here. Who's to blame? Why, it's Sarah Jane's old friend The Trickster!

5. When The Doctor shows up, he's quickly parted from Sarah Jane (and the TARDIS). He's got the kids to help him out, though.

6. The Doctor says two of his standard catchphrases: "Allons-y" and "I'm so sorry."

7. The Doctor is referred to as "the man of ice and fire" and is told that "the gate is waiting for you".

8. One of the kids receives a massive shock. Literally.

9. Words are nice, but here's a couple of exclusive pictures from the episodes:

10. The story ends with an exchange between Sarah Jane and The Doctor that provoked tears here at DS Towers. And she has a final line that we'll all be thinking around Christmas time: "No-one's **** ***** ** ****** ***."
I wonder what these words are . . .
You can also go and view the international trailer for the episode HERE.

Friday, October 23, 2009

More Exclusive Sci-Fi TV Pilot DMAN pictures!!

Once again, Sci-Fi Writer-Director Patti Beninati has graciously provided the Inside Trekker with more exclusive pictures taken from the shooting of Hot upcoming Sci-Fi TV pilot DMAN!

See the next post here for more information.

Anja Heli – As Rigby a spy in DMAN hanging on set

Brock Duke – As Q7 in Greenscreen set up shots

Sci-Fi TV Pilot DMAN Exclusive Pictures!!!

Writer/Director Patti Beninati with actress Jena Maenius who plays the telekinetic Miley. Miss Beninati is BLOCKING, which means they are setting up the shot before shooting the scene.

*This is a repost of the story originally published on the 16th of October
DMAN is an upcoming Sci-Fi TV pilot and is the baby of Writer/Director/Producer Patti Beninati of Are U Trippin Films and Centerboro Productions. There are not many female directors on TV or in the movies, so it is incredibly exciting to have her at the helm of this fantastic Sci-Fi venture. Miss Beninati previously gave an exclusive interview to The Inside Trekker which you can see here.

Currently in Post-Production, DMAN will be among only a few TV series to be shot extensively on green screen using extraordinary visual effects and virtual sets, much like SyFy's Sanctuary series. DMAN the pilot & series is shot with the RED camera- a digital system that captures images at four times the resolution of a high definition camera, resulting in a look that is unmatched on television. The production is getting ready to go to the networks and is sure to generate great Buzz in the Sci-Fi domain. Here are some exclusive pics from the set, graciously provided by Miss Beninati herself.
The actors in action
Blocking the shot again, Patti is making sure Miley can't escape from her position Haha!

A view of the lab set

Amanda, Boom Operator taking the sound!

Hot DMAN Actors into their roles ...back Matt Brucato Front Anthony Ordonez

Canadian Actor Brock Duke (aka Q7) being prepped for greenscreen filming

Canadian Actor Brock Duke who plays Q7, a telepathic being from another dimension being touched up before his scene

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is so Awesome!!!! Scootyboy has snatched some new exclusive pics of the Interior of the 11th Doctor's new Tardis!!!

The interior appears to have 2 levels inside and is similar to the look of the 9th and 10th Doctor's Tardis! It looks a bit dark and I wonder what it will look like now that the show is in Hi Def. I know they were a bit disappointed about the way the other interior looked like when they filmed the secials in Hi-Def and wanted to fix it.

Go here for the exclusive pics by Scootyboy and more!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heroes is Back Baby!!!

Heroes Is Back Baby!!!

After seeing the fantastic and wonderful Heroes episode ''Tabula Rasa'' last night (hell, even since last week) there has been a little voice playing in my head telling me ''Heroes is back! Tou pi dou pi dou.'' Yes, it does do that in my head, haha!

It was a solid episode full of even more solid performances. The star of the episode was without a doubt Zachary Quinto, who again demonstrates an amazing range of acting skills. Who didn’t feel for him as the memories of what Sylar had done came rushing back to him and was displayed on the surface of the mirrors of the Carnival’s House of Mirrors for all the viewers to see? Quinto showed anguish aplenty (ever since last week’s episode of ''Hysterical Blindness'' in fact) remorse, horror, confusion and we even saw him happy in last night's episode. On another note, Zachary Quinto should smile more often. I was blinded by his smile last night. I digress again.

All the other actors were equally wonderful. Masi Oka is charming as ever as Hiro, Milo Ventimiglia was solid as Peter, Jack Coleman always shines as Noah Bennet; even Hayden Panettiere was fine last night (maybe it was because she was there only for a short scene – though I have to wonder why they’re putting her in every episode. Ah well). The supporting actors were also wonderful in their respective roles. Deanne Bray charms as Emma, Ray Park is both intense and menacing as knife throwing speedster Edgar and Dawn Olivieri is subdued and effective and, as someone said today, luminous, as Lydia. I really like them.

I also have to say that Robert Knepper is an incredible addition to the Heroes family. His Samuel is one of the most interesting new characters to be created for the show. His true motivations (besides helping people with abilities) are still shrouded in mysteries. And I love the Carnival thing. Every week, I wonder what we will discover; who they are, what they really want, what threat they pose to our Heroes and who and what was Joseph, Samuel's now dead brother who's always mentioned but as of now still unseen.

What I also loved was continuity. They actually talked about Claire’s blood to heal Hiro – something they kind of forgot about and or ignored in season 3. Although we learned in last night’s episode that it wouldn’t work because it would help regenerate the tumour in Hiro’s brain (nice twist). The dialogue was sharp. The characters acted intelligently. I'm blown away! Gone are the inconsistencies that plagued season 3 and the stupid out of character acting from most of the characters.

And as Hiro stood in front of the Burnt Toast Diner from season 1, with fan favourite Charlie’s back to us, I couldn’t help but smile along with him in wonder and think: Heroes is SOOOO back baby!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Look at the Villain in Doctor Who's Animated Adventure Dreamland

Blogtorwho has put up some scanned pics from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine out in the UK of the villain from the upcoming Doctor Who computer animated adventure called Dreamland.

Named Lord Azlok , the green bug-like alien is voiced by actor David Warner. The other character in the picture is a Colonel Stark, voiced by Stuart Milligan.
Go here for the details and to see a pic of the Doctor himself coming into a diner.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Writers Orci and Kurtzman on the Star Trek Sequel

Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman also sat for a lenghty Q&A at the same Paramount event wich revealed their plans to reboot Hawaii Five-0, Fringe and more importantly the Star Trek Sequel.

Here are some of the highlights from the session

In the Q&A, we learn that Nurse Christine Chapel was originally planned to appear in the first movie in the early drafts of the script.

Also, when asked if there was ''anything from Enterprise or Next Generation or Deep Space or elements, like the Borg, Cardassians, Bajorans, anything on the top of your list that you might want to throw in to the next movie?'' Roberto Orci answered:

I think we’d think about it, just because we do love The Next Generation…I think our instinct would be to first look at The Original Series, before we considered that. But, all that is on the table.

About the possibility that the next Star Trek would be more allegorical and more in tune with modern issues as well as how they would do that and yet keep the positive future envisioned by Gene Roddenberry, Orci answered:

The torture thing was just a for instance. Someone asked, “Modern day issues like torture?,” and we said, “Yeah, sure, modern day issues,” but, we’re not doing a story about Gitmo as I read on some site that it was going to be about Guantanamo Bay. But, now that we’ve established the characters, we can have a more philosophical allegory, where what’s happening in the future represents our world, like the best versions of it in the ’60’s did, representing women’s rights, racial equality, progressive issues.

Both writers also admitted they were still at the brainstorming stage and that they had not yet figured out a story. And again, the Khan question popped up for the millionth time and Kurtzman responded by saying:

Where we’re starting is, “Okay, where are our characters now? What are interesting complications that we can put in their lives? What feels like an organic emotional place for us to get to? How do we want to test them?” And then, you look at everything and start asking, “Who would be the best foe?”

Go here for the rest of the Q&A where they talk Fringe, Cowboys and Aliens and much, much more.

JJ Abrams On The Star Trek Sequel and More

A few days ago, Paramount held a press event in order to promote their fall home video releases. Star Trek is set to come out on both DVD and BluRay on November 17. There was a Q&A session with Director JJ Abrams and he opened up about William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and the Star Trek Sequel.

Amongst the highlights are the fact that Abrams was first approached to do Star Trek in 3-D and that he's very much opened to do the next one in that format.

It is funny. Paramount talked to me about doing the first one in 3-D and, having it only be my second film, I was petrified just at the addition–I thought it would be another dimension of pain-in-the-ass. I thought I would be like, "oh my god, I just want to make a decent 2-D movie.” I was so worried that, instead of being a decent 2-D movie, it would have been a bad 3-D one. So I’m open to looking at it because now I feel a little bit more comfortable and, if I, in fact, direct the sequel to our Star Trek film, 3-D could be really fun, so I’m open to it. What I’ve seen of Avatar makes me want to do it, because it’s so crazy-cool looking.

About Shatner, Abrams said that he ''would love to figure out something.'' And that they are talking and have a lunch date planned and that he considers himself a friend of his.

JJ Abrams also responded to Leonard Nimoy's comments that he would not be in the next movie which I reported here. Abrams said:

I can say that I can’t imagine a Star Trek movie not needing him. I’m sure what he’s saying is a combination of modesty and honesty. He may actually feel that way. But, the truth is, we could never have made this movie without him, and working with him again would be a joy. It is clearly too early, given that we are just now talking story, to conclude whether or not Spock Prime is in the film or not, but do I want to work with him again? Of course, 100%. I’d love to.

The Star Trek director also gets to share his thoughts on Nick Meyer, the director of Wrath of Kahn, who apparently watched all 79 episodes of TOS before directing one of the best Star Trek Movies of all time.

Go here for the complete report

Friday, October 9, 2009

New New Doctor, New New Logo!

Seems Steven Moffat and the BBC are making a lot of changes along with the new Doctor, new Companion, new interior Tardis design, new Sonic Screwdriver and new Logo!

The BBC unveiled his new Doctor Who logo this week. The logo differs greatly from the Russell T. Davies era logo but is similar in style to the logos of the 1970s and the one for the Eight Doctor. Go Here to look at the different Doctor Who logos.

This week, Matt Smith was filming episode 1 of series 5. New pictures have recently surfaced which you can view here.

Also, there is a picture of Matt Smith holding up an expiring Sonic Screwdriver. You can view it here. I wrote about the new sonic screwdriver back in july here.

Vincent Van Gogh on Season 5 of Doctor Who

A while back I reported here that writer Richard Curtis from Blackadder fame was writing an episode of Series 5 of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.

Today, it was revealed that the historical character was going to be famous painter Vincent Van Gogh and that the monster would be yellow.

"So I'm doing a Doctor Who that will be on TV next February. I've got Van Gogh stabbing a monster."

"Someone from the BBC just sent me a picture of my monster. I had to decide if it was yellow enough."

It also seems to be confirming that series 5 will closely follow the last of the specials that is set to air on New Year's Day 2010. Curtis says his episode is set to air in february.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Official BBC Synopsis for Tennant's Appearance on The Sarah Jane Adventures

The BBC Press Office has released the official synopsis for The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, The Sarah Jane Adventures episode where for the first time the character of the Doctor will appear in a spin-off.

David Tennant of course reprises the role of the Doctor.

Sarah Jane has met Peter Dalton and wants him to become part of her life, as the adventure series continues; perhaps he could become a father to Luke. But Clyde suspects that Peter is hiding a secret or two, especially when he and Rani find an empty house where Peter says his home should be.

The Doctor makes a spectacular return on the happiest day of Sarah Jane's life but a deadly trap is awaiting them all.

As the strands of a clever and careful plan come together, can even a Time Lord save Sarah Jane on the day of her arch-enemy's greatest triumph?
The Doctor joins the battle, as the power of the Pantheon Of Discord grows in strength, in the second and concluding part of this week's story, but a deadly trap is waiting for them all.

The Doctor makes a spectacular return on the happiest day of Sarah Jane's life, but is he too late to save both his old companion and Earth itself? As the strands of a clever and careful plan draw together, the two friends are separated across different time zones and must fight to save each other. For one, there's a terrible price to pay.

Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Dalton by Nigel Havers, Clyde by Daniel Anthony, Rani by Anjili Mohindra and The Doctor by David Tennant.

Part One will air on BBC One on Thursday 29 October and part Two will follow the next day on BBC One on Friday 30 October.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Star Trek Writer Roberto Orci Likes the Borg

At this moment. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are hard at work penning the sequel to Star Trek.

There are a few things that recently came out from a chat on the Don Murphy Message Board and Trek Web reports that Orci and Kurtzman wont let Scotty become a joke on the next movie and that Roberto Orci is a great fan of the Borg!

This is exciting news but in no way guarantee the Borgs will be the next villains in the follow up movie, something I would love to see myself.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith in Tennant's Costume! And Amy Pond is a Policewoman

Alun.Vega has some fantastic new pics of new Doctor Matt Smitt and his companion Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan.

Smitt is wearing David Tennant’s Doctor brown striped suit which is pretty much ripped and tattered. It seems likely that this will be the first episode to air after the Doctor’s Regeneration. It appears that Smitt’s Doctor will meet his new companion Amy, who is a policewoman and supposedly, the story will take place in the 1990s

I have to admit I'm rather feeling sad at the sight of Tennant's costume all in shreds. However, I'm wondering if the Tenth Doctor will meet a rather heroic end? After all, Gardner, Tennant and Davies did say it would be very emotional.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exclusive Patti Beninati 2009 SDCC Article: BBC Being Human Panel and Doctor Who's 6th Doctor - Colin Baker

Pictures 1-3: The Being Human Panel with Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Writer/Creator Toby Whithouse

While at SDCC, Patti Beninati attended many panels, amongst which was the BBC Being Human Panel. She also took the opportunity to interview Being Human up and coming actors Lenora Crichlow, Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey, as well as Writer/Creator Toby Whihouse.

Miss Beninati kindly gave the Inside Trekker permission to reproduce exclusively for this site part of her article and interview on Being Human.

About the SDCC itself she said that :

Comic Con West topped itself this year, as the biggest and most exciting popular culture convention in the world

And that :

Many fans flocked to the show, and flowed seamlessly into the event over that weekend. According to event organizers, attendance was even higher then last year, issuing over 180,000 passes

About the BBC and Being Human panel she reported:
BBC America hosted a robust panel, and a busy booth, this year at SDCC. They introduced yet another cutting edge Sci-Fi import TV series, the much anticipated new vampire show, "Being Human". Creator and writer, Toby Whithouse, actors Russell Tovey, who plays George, reprises his role as the lovable and predatory werewolf, Aidan Turner plays Mitchell the blood-sucking vampire good-looking and laid-back character, and completing the flat-share trio is Annie, played by Lenora Crichlow, a talkative ghost. The comedy drama series features three young characters sharing a house in Bristol UK, trying to live a normal social human lifestyle, despite being a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire, struggling to keep their secret double-lives. Who ever thought teaming up ghost, vampire, and a werewolf could be good premises for a TV show? Toby Whithouse did! “The show is refracted thru their humanity, each one in their own want to reclaim and refine their own humanity…the humanity they lost. They all struggle, and for them, humanity is the monster and they are the angles”, said Toby Whithouse. “My influences are the legendary Alan Moore who’s well-know for Warrior, a British comic’s anthology and, Neil Gaiman, of the top writers in modern comics”, said Whithouse. Hot actor Aidan Turner said playing a vampire is cool, “It’s not a mater of inspiration, but more like it’s my first gig and thank God I got the part”. “It’s different then the current vampire shows in that the characters want to desperately be human and the difference between the shows Moonlight & Twilight is he lives in a flat in Bristol,” said Turner.

While there Patti Beninati also got to interview Doctor Who's 6th Doctor, British actor Colin Baker from the BBC series Doctor Who

Colin Baker was in rare form, “it’s entirely a new experience for me because most conventions I go to are all Science Fiction TV, so I’m here because most people who are interested in Sci-Fi are interested in comics, said Baker”. He mentioned that, he was having a great time meeting all of the fans. “It’s so nice being in an environment where they like you,” said Baker. He also crashed a Doctor Who set, and surprised the entire cast and the current "Dr. Who", David Tennant, “They shouted…there’s The Doctor, Baker yelled…“No… there’s The Doctor”, said Baker. Baker said that, “It would be fantastic for Doctor Who to be a woman or to have an older guy again”. Baker may be the sixth version of Doctor Who, but he was a highlight of the convention --- he is a refreshing and extraordinary talented actor.

The full article will be published in the coming week in a New York-New Jersey newspaper.

Exclusive Sci-Fi Writer/Director/Producer Patti Beninati Interview

Picture 1: Sci-Fi Writer/Director/Producer Patti Beninati
Pictures 2 and 3: On the set of DMAN, directed by Patti Beninati

Patti Beninati is one of those rare breeds of women - a Sci-Fi Writer/Director/Producer with a vision and drive that completely awes me. She’s also a generous and warm human being, as well as a great friend.

Armed with a BA in journalism, Patti Beninati has made a career in the music world by creating a music and artist entertainment management firm called PB Entertainment Company in 2000. She would later sell it, and in 2006, Are U Trippin Films was born when she teamed up with fellow Writer/Director Michael K. Anderson.

Beninati has produced/directed many TV shows, live concerts, and events that featured today’s' biggest rock stars, and currently still manages several rock bands. She was a principal host/writer/producer/director for the first online Webcasting live event music channel on, and then later on Yahoo! called Virtually Giggin It. In the past, she worked as a freelance TV Producer for Cablevision and a TV Segment Producer on the syndicated Fox TV show, The Music Scoupe, hosted by actress Kelly Ripa.

Then in 2009, a new Production Company called Centerboro Productions was also created alongside Are U Trippin Films. The new company hopes to produce at least 10 projects over the next 3 years, some of them featuring well-known Sci-Fi stars and icons. They are currently working on 2 new pilots called DMAN and Kyle Youngblood, as well as on several movies of the week, one of which is titled The Newcomers.

Just recently, Beninati attended the 2009 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) - also called The Con. She related her experience in an exclusive article soon to be published in a New York/New Jersey newspaper. I had the chance to interview her about it, and part of this article will be reproduced exclusively here for this blog in the following blogpost.

As a Sci-Fi Writer/Director/Producer, why do you think Comic-Con is such an important spring-board for genre shows and films?
Over 140, 000 people converged on SDCC. It’s fascinating how fans and industry folks can all intermingle --- no barriers, and all in one place! That’s why I truly love the event. I can meet anyone, from a celebrity to a studio executive. As a Sci-Fi writer and director it gave me the ability to consolidate all of my meetings with actors, studios, and productions companies all in one location. I also got a change to see the hottest movies, TV shows, and comic books coming up. I can’t wait for next years Comic Con!

Was this past Comic-Con your first event of the kind ever?
No, I recently attended NYC’s Comic Con, which is a smaller version of the SDCC event.

What aspect of the Con did you personally find most fascinating?
Seeing the fans in meet and greet sessions and watching the sheer joy on their faces, as they got up close to their favorite stars to get an autograph or just simply stop by a booth to chat with them.

Can you tell us about some of the upcoming projects you and your production company, Are U Trippin Films, are currently working on?
Yes, this really an exciting time for me, and my partner Michael K. Anderson. We recently opened another production company, called Centerboro Productions, that will be the home of 2 new intriguing Sci-Fi TV series, DMAN & KYLE YOUNGBLOOD. I had the honor of writing and directing the DMAN TV series pilot, and it was a blast! The premise of DMAN is about Q7, a dangerous telepathic being from another dimension, finds himself lost and alone on modern-day Earth, but his violent nature changes after he meets Miley, a telepath, who teaches him about humanity and love, as they are pursued by a shadowy government agency. KYLE YOUNGBLOOD is about eccentric scientist Kyle Youngblood who heads up an underfunded team of misfits whose mission is to investigate paranormal and extraterrestrial activity in the rural Midwest. We just finished shooting the unique pilots, and they are both in post production, soon to be presented to the networks. Our TV pilots will feature a few actors, who are currently in a hit Sci-Fi TV series. Many people are surprised at the buzz on them now, with Twitter helping to spread the word, and turn up the hype, we’ve received many inquires from executives, who can’t wait to see them. Additionally, we are going to co-produce 2 MOW’s with another production company that will have some of the most famous TV Sci-Fi stars of today. I’m so numb that my feature film, entitled, THE NEWCOMERS which is a chilling blend of Signs meets Independence Day meets Transformers meets District 9 will soon be in the hands of a big Producer, who will help us get it all going. I get the sense that 2010 is gong to be a big year for me! People ask me… why do I like to write Sci-Fi? and I reply… Ha! I’ am SCI-FI! I want people who see my films to be left with WHAT IF…?

Why do you still like to write articles?
Well, I have a Journalism Degree and a minor in film & TV, and have written many published articles. I like to read and write entertainment editorials, and music reviews, for newspapers, to stay current using my writing skills --- it helps me when I write my scripts. I took the opportunity at THE CON to interview several actors, and writers, including creator and writer, Toby Whithouse of “Being Human”, and his actors in the series, and some people from the “Dr. Who” cast. They all were so wonderful to me, including PR maven, Amy Mulcair, and some folks of BBC America, who arranged the interviews.

My Thanks to Patti Beninati for taking time to answer these questions and for her kind permission to use her article and personal pictures.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Paul McGann Uncertain to Return as the Doctor

If Doctor Who fans were hoping for Paul McGann to at least make a return appearance as the Eight Doctor for the British yearly special Children In Need (like me), their hopes were sadly crushed today.

Apparently, McGann has never been in contact with the new Doctor Who team:

"I've never met these people, I've never been down to Cardiff and met what's his face, Russell T. Davies."

As for some other form of comeback, McGann says: "It's highly unlikely, because since I walked off that set in 1996, no-one's ever called me.

He goes on to say however that he's often heard the rumours of a comeback and McGann often claimed he would be happy to go back to the role. The actor still currently plays the Doctor in audio adventures.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

John Cho on the Star Trek Movie Sequel

Recently, John Cho talked about his new series FlashForward and said a few things about the Star Trek movie sequel. Nothing much seems to be happening other than the writers are working on the script. Cho, who plays Hikaru Sulu on the movie, reported that
I am afraid I don’t have much information for you, except that they are working on a script. All I can tell you is that all the actors are hell-bent on doing it. I am assuming any scheduling issues will be ironed out. I am really optimistic
I'm really getting antsy to finally hear some real news about the sequel!