Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heroes is Back Baby!!!

Heroes Is Back Baby!!!

After seeing the fantastic and wonderful Heroes episode ''Tabula Rasa'' last night (hell, even since last week) there has been a little voice playing in my head telling me ''Heroes is back! Tou pi dou pi dou.'' Yes, it does do that in my head, haha!

It was a solid episode full of even more solid performances. The star of the episode was without a doubt Zachary Quinto, who again demonstrates an amazing range of acting skills. Who didn’t feel for him as the memories of what Sylar had done came rushing back to him and was displayed on the surface of the mirrors of the Carnival’s House of Mirrors for all the viewers to see? Quinto showed anguish aplenty (ever since last week’s episode of ''Hysterical Blindness'' in fact) remorse, horror, confusion and we even saw him happy in last night's episode. On another note, Zachary Quinto should smile more often. I was blinded by his smile last night. I digress again.

All the other actors were equally wonderful. Masi Oka is charming as ever as Hiro, Milo Ventimiglia was solid as Peter, Jack Coleman always shines as Noah Bennet; even Hayden Panettiere was fine last night (maybe it was because she was there only for a short scene – though I have to wonder why they’re putting her in every episode. Ah well). The supporting actors were also wonderful in their respective roles. Deanne Bray charms as Emma, Ray Park is both intense and menacing as knife throwing speedster Edgar and Dawn Olivieri is subdued and effective and, as someone said today, luminous, as Lydia. I really like them.

I also have to say that Robert Knepper is an incredible addition to the Heroes family. His Samuel is one of the most interesting new characters to be created for the show. His true motivations (besides helping people with abilities) are still shrouded in mysteries. And I love the Carnival thing. Every week, I wonder what we will discover; who they are, what they really want, what threat they pose to our Heroes and who and what was Joseph, Samuel's now dead brother who's always mentioned but as of now still unseen.

What I also loved was continuity. They actually talked about Claire’s blood to heal Hiro – something they kind of forgot about and or ignored in season 3. Although we learned in last night’s episode that it wouldn’t work because it would help regenerate the tumour in Hiro’s brain (nice twist). The dialogue was sharp. The characters acted intelligently. I'm blown away! Gone are the inconsistencies that plagued season 3 and the stupid out of character acting from most of the characters.

And as Hiro stood in front of the Burnt Toast Diner from season 1, with fan favourite Charlie’s back to us, I couldn’t help but smile along with him in wonder and think: Heroes is SOOOO back baby!!!!

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  1. I love it! Awesome job. Seriously this such a great take on the episode. I was SO happy about this:
    "What I also loved was continuity. They actually talked about Claire’s blood to heal Hiro"
    I was cheering during the episode.