Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gene Roddenberry created Spock as Sex Symbol

A story on the Telegraph website mentions that a newly discovered letter written by Gene Roddenberry in 1973 states that Mr. Spock was specifically created to be attractive to women. Although Roddenberry never mentions the character's name directly, he does allude to him as ''Spoke.''

Below is an excerpt taken from the article:

Gene Roddenberry, who was behind the cult TV show, said he deliberately gave the half-Vulcan character a "slight look of the devil."
"I thought that might be particularly provocative to women," he added.

It's no wonder then that in the new movie Spock is the one who gets the girl. What would Captain Kirk, the Enterprise's reputed sex symbol at the time of the original series, have thought of that!
you can view part of the letter HERE


  1. Say WHAT???
    The only sex symbol to me was and always has been Spock! He's tall, fit, intelligent, clever, dependable, slightly distant...
    Spock + Mr Darcy = ideal man

  2. i was a little young for that. i so didn't see him as a sex symbol. hero, yes, but not sex symbol. i was more wil wheaton age...

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