Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Matt Smith Rates His Own Doctor Who Performance

Digital Spy reports that Matt Smith, who plays the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who, told Radio Times what he thought about his performance (from his answer, it's clear that the interview was given before he finished filming for series 5 of Doctor Who).

This is what Smith answered: "That's a tough one. Let's say eight. I've two episodes left, so I can still get to ten. I don't want to undersell myself."

Apparently the 27 year old actor also joked, when comparing himself to his predecessors, that what made him different was that not only he was younger but that also his "skin is a bit smoother".

Doesn't he just have a lovely sense of humour?

As to his relationship with fans, Smith is reported to say that he was pleased with it and that:

"I can still go shopping, but there has been a significant change because you're more recognised, and that changes the landscape of your life. People are generally very nice, so it's been a positive change."

Last but not least, Matt Smith talked about his Sonic Screwdriver and joked about it, saying that: "It's the biggest and best ever, without a doubt. It flips up and everything."

Men and their toys. Gets me every time! No wonder the Doctor and Rory kept comparing . . . stuff, in a few episodes of Doctor Who this series. :)

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