Sunday, July 18, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 Here I Come!

Hello everyone!

I'll be leaving for San Diego on Monday and will be traveling all day since I'm flying in from the East coast and have a stop in lovely Toronto. I will try to do some updates when I get there (San Diego, not Toronto) if I'm not too exhausted from the flight and travel.

Now to the good stuff.

I will be attending panels while there. Ha ha! Of course, that is the point is it not?

Not fully sure how it works, but I registered with the Comic-Con schedule from my twitter account so I think you'll be able to know where I'll generally be at if you follow me on twitter.

Amidst my hectic schedule, I registered for some panels that I may not be able to make and though I'm very sad about this, Comic-Con is all about having to make some tough choices. And I may simply have to leave some panels early to get to other ones and so forth. This will be literally insane.

In other very exciting news, I will cover a few press rooms for my first time at San Diego Comic-Con and it has me pretty much psyched. However, I'm keeping which ones a surprise for now.

I will tell you, however, that there will be four of them and that those press rooms are about some pretty awesome shows. Are you curious now?

I'm hoping to get some free time to blog about news and announcements, and will try my best to do so. Remember that I will be busy between the convention and the awesome parties that will be happening all over town!

But stick around, don't go anywhere. I will have some interesting news in the coming days and weeks!

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