Friday, July 30, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: 'Being Human's Aidan Turner on the US Version and Season 3 Tidbits

Aidan Turner, who plays the very sexy (and quite tortured in season 2) vampire Mitchell on Being Human opened up about the American version of the series which is currently being made by SyFy channel with Sam Witwer as the vampire: 

"We think it's pretty cool. It's gonna be a very different show, I can imagine, cause they have money - we didn't have any of that, really. They have a budget.

But it'll be a different show, there'll be tons more episodes. It'll be a very different show but it's a huge testament to the brand that is Being Human and to Toby Whithouse and his amazing creative mind. There's no fear with us."

"And you guys know we exist," adds Russell Tovey, who plays werewolf George on the series.

The US version of the character will be named Josh. Only ghost Annie remains the same, as of now.

Turner also talked about his character's American counterpart and says that he's been given "a new sexy name as well, which is cool, he's gonna be called Aidan in the new series."

At that point pretty much everyone in the press room made jokes about the fact that the US version will have it's very own Aidan, which sort of made Turner blush a bit.

About Season 3 I got those few tidbits from the press room:

The characters will be more comfortable as to who they are. They've got each other now and being in a new place offers them a new fresh start.

Lenora Crichlow, who plays ghost Annie, explains that they have:

''A new start with the level of acceptance; you're not fighting the impossible anymore, things that you can't change.

They're all kinda: right, Ghost, yeah, vampire, and werewolf. We've got people that come in, and we share: George is a wolf and there is a kind of everyday-ness about that.''

However, our very special group do start season 3 in a place where they are in complete angst at having lost Annie (for those who have seen season 2, you will know what I mean).

Being Human Season 3 is currently still being filmed in Cardiff.

The series will air in early 2011, dates to be determined.

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