Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: 'Chuck's Scott Krinsky and Vic Sahay Talk Jeffster and that Blaze of Glory Video

While I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the Chuck press Room during Comic-Con, I had the immense pleasure and privilege to sit by (and I mean really, really close to) our favourite band ever - I'm talking about the absurdly fantastic Jeffster - and to ask Scott Krinsky (Jeff) and Vic Sahay (Lester) about that famous (or infamous, depending on how you see it) Blaze of Glory music video redone a la Jeffster, that was seen on the season finale of Chuck this past June.

First, the actors talked about Jeffster, Scott Krinsky admitted he didn't know that it would take off, and that it was a little scary at first, the first time they did it. But ultimately, as Krinsky says, "it's been a pleasant surprise."

Vic Sahay added that "it's very tough and scary to do" and that you kind of work in a bubble to do it, in his case at least. And the reaction [to Jeffster] is "both gratifying and awkward to deal with."

Then I asked the actors how hard it was to film that Blaze of Glory video and this is what Vic Sahay answered me :
It's about abandon. It's about kind of getting into character and jumping off that cliff. Because he's such an odd, ferocious, insane guy, that if I don't kinda get inside that - him. It's just so self-conscious to be doing that stuff. I've broken some bones, and pulled some tendons doing those moves.
Note to you guys: Scott Krinsky was laughing the whole time Vic Sahay was talking about this.

And now, for your personal viewing and auditory pleasure, I've added that Jeffster Blaze of Glory video. Sorry Vic Sahay Not just kidding! Ha ha. Enjoy!

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  1. OMG! I didn't know this existed. Now I'm envious of your CC experience.