Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: BBC's 'Being Human' More Human Than Supernatural

During the Being Human press conference at Comic-Con, the cast talked about their reaction to and how they felt while reading about the concept of the successful Sci-Fi show for the first time.

Actor Russell Tovey, who portrays werewolf George on the BBC series, confessed that when he first heard the concept of a show having a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together, he thought it sounded like a kid's show, and that it seemed like it would never work.

"Then you realize it's just so much more than that," Tovey says. "The levels in this show are so much more human then they are supernatural."

Sinead Keenan, who plays the fantastic Nina, adds that the cross that the characters have to bear on Being Human is incidental, "It's about their relationships."

The incredibly delightful Lenora Crichlow, who stars as ghost Annie, mentions the fact that "the characters were all originally written as very human characters," and that "the supernatural edge lent itself."

"It's like the most basic supernatural idea possible," adds Aidan Turner, who plays Mitchell the vampire on the show. "Toby's [Toby Whithouse, the show's creator and showrunner] created this show that sort of stands on it's own a little bit."

Being Human season 3 is currently filming in the UK and is set to air in early 2011.

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