Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steven Moffat Tweets Doctor Who News!

Steven Moffat, who now has a twitter account (steven_moffat), has teased the fans about the filming of the Doctor Who Christmas episode.

About Matt Smith he wrote:
Oh, he's back behind the bow tie - and better than ever.
The Doctor Who showrunner also wrote on his twitter account that:
Best thing about this job, I get to watch Doctor Who FIRST. Ooh, look at that. And that. And blimey, THAT!!
And most recently:
Today, I am LAUGHING as I write - always bad news for fictional characters.
The Doctor Who cast and crew is currently filming the Christmas episode which will feature Harry Potter's Dumbledore himself, the great Michael Gambon, as well as opera singer Katherine Jenkins in a first acting role.


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