Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spielberg's 'Terra Nova' to be More than a Just a Dinosaur Series

This morning, I talked about the cancellation of the Terra Nova panel that was originally scheduled for this year's Comic-Con.

Some of you may have wondered: what the *blip* is Terra Nova?!?!

Well, Entertainment Weekly spoke to Brannon Braga (FlashForward) and David Fury (Angel, Lost), and this is what the show creators have revealed about the upcoming TV series.

The story takes place 100 years in the future (2149 to be exact on ImdbPro), and it will focus on a family that will go back 85 million years in time to prehistoric times in order to have a second chance at civilization.

The high concept will have an ongoing mythology. “There are a lot of surprises, a lot of reveals that come out throughout the course of season,” Fury says.

He adds:  “If we talk about the more interesting aspects of the show now, we’re afraid we’ll ruin the surprise for the audience. In this case, everything is moving along steadily, the script has been well-received. We just don’t have anything to wow anyone with. It’s still in the preliminary stage, It’s a huge undertaking.”

They have a 13-episode commitment from 20th Century Fox TV and are currently searching for locales, including Australia, Hawaii, and the mainland.

There will be many dinosaurs featured in the series, Fury says that: “There will be dinosaurs that have never been seen before. They’ve learned so much since the days of Jurassic Park.”

Brannon Braga adds that: “We are presenting a really cool show with a wonderous primeval world. There are not just dinosaurs. There is a whole ecosystem. There will be plenty of adventures and effects, but this is a show about the characters, the humans.”

Jason O'Mara played Sam Tyler in the American version of Life on Mars.

Casting is still underway for the drama that will star Jason O'Mara (US Life on Mars) in the role of Jim Shannon, whose family is part of a group of settlers that will travel back in time.

The concept is of course highly interesting but nothing new (dinosaurs? Primeval; Time Travel? Doctor Who). Still, the fact that Brannon Braga, David Fury and Steven Spielberg are involved in the mix has me more and more curious as well as really excited about that series.

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