Saturday, July 17, 2010

That Pesky 'Matt Smith is Leaving Doctor Who' Rumour

Yesterday, The Sun broke a story that Matt Smith was thinking about leaving Doctor Who after his second series in the Tardis will wrap, and that he would try to get himself that Hollywood career.

First off the source is apparently a *cough* pal. Second it comes from The Sun, which is really more of a tabloid. BUT, The Sun has a strange track record regarding Doctor Who news. It often gets stuff right - and stuff wrong as well.

I think this story has been blown out of proportion because of the ratings for series 5 of Doctor Who have been down compared to the previous series; especially when comparing it to David Tennant's last year in the titular role.

But poor and continually changing scheduling on the BBC's part, good weather in England, and the fact that a lot of people now go for 'on demand' and also DVR the show must be considered.

Also, Matt Smith has often mentioned how much he loved playing the Doctor, and since this role is a major break for him, it would just be mind blowing (not to mention incredibly stupid) that he would leave after two series.

In my opinion, if that story is true - and I really hope its complete bollocks - Matt Smith, who is absolutely talented and splendid as the Eleventh Doctor, is still too green in his career to try and go take Hollywood by storm and leave the show that is right now the making of him after only two years in.

But all we can do now is take that story with a major bucket of salt, and see what happens.

You can read The Sun story here.


  1. I am shocked, for the lack of a better (decent) word. I doubt that is true, first because he is a great Doctor (he had BIG, HUGE shoes to fill and I think he did it very well) and second and more important, I'm sure he is smarter than that. He is a nearly complete stranger even here in his own backyard, so how the hell is he going to make it big in Hollywood? Getting stupid roles with the british stereotype? Or he expects another Edward Cullen role will fall on his lap? (yuck, yuck)

  2. Let's hope he has better sense. :) I'd hate to lose him so soon.