Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comic-Con 2010: Toby Whithouse Talks US 'Being Human', Matt Smith, and 'Doctor Who'

Don't be fooled by the name on the card, but the guy with the dark hair and beard is Toby Whithouse. (sorry for the blurry pic)

While attending the SFX Presents The British Invasion panel just a bit earlier today, Toby Whithouse, creator and showrunner of BBC3's hit show Being Human and writer of Doctor Who's recent Vampires of Venice episode, made some interesting comments concerning the US version of Being Human.

Whithouse claimed that for him it was a bit of a wrench to see Being Human being remade in an American version. However, he went on to joke that there was good money in it.

The Being Human showrunner stated that it's better that SyFy doesn't copy the UK version if they want a chance at having a long and viable series; he also added that he wasn't involved in SyFy's version because it's better for him not to get influenced by the American stories.

Speaking about the fact that British shows have much less money than American ones, Whithouse explained that the reason why they did Death on UK's Being Human by showing a door is because that's all that they could afford. That drew a big laugh.

For the fans of the original version of the show, Whithouse proved reassuring by saying that the American version would not affect the original version in the least.

Of course there was at least one question about that other famous British show called Doctor Who. So when asked about the new Doctor, Matt Smith, Whithouse simply had this to say: "Matt Smith was an absolute revelation." David Who?

And now for what could be a scoop:

Both Toby Whithouse and Paul Cornell (Human Nature, Family of Blood), have declined to confirm if they would be writing episodes for the upcoming season of Doctor Who, claiming that they were contractually obliged not to reveal anything.

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