Friday, July 2, 2010

More Doctor Who Christmas Special Rumours

There are rumours coming from the Gallifrey Base fan forum that the shooting of the Doctor Who Christmas episode has been pushed back to mid-August  - can I still pray for a Doctor Who cast presence at Comic-Con after all then?

No one knows if the special will be about the Egyptian Goddess and the Orient Express in Space, which were teased about in the last episode, but it could also feature the Yeti, as seen on the mysterious concept art that I've put up here. Apparently, the special could be taking place on a Victorian style planet (I'm not so sure about this because it would be too reminiscent of the last Christmas special, The Other Doctor, which actually took place in Victorian England).

The Yetis are similar to the Autons and the Nestenes in that they are controlled by a disembodied force called The Great Intelligence. Which makes me wonder: could the mysterious voice heard in the Tardis in The Pandorica Opens belong to them?

Still, nothing is official yet. All of this is conjecture at this point so take this with a grain of salt.

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