Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tim Kring Planning Heroes Mini-Series!

Tim Kring has not said his last words concerning NBC's Heroes. The show's creator has plans to bring back the recently defunct series as a mini-series and pitch the idea to NBC. This is what was reported by TV Guide Online:

Heroes ended its season last February with the indestructible Claire (Hayden Panettiere) throwing herself from the top of a Ferris wheel in front of the media, revealing her superpower to the world. Should the axed series return with a wrap-up miniseries—that's creator Tim Kring's hope, and he says he's meeting with NBC this month to discuss it — the plot will skip ahead a year or so to see the effect of Claire's revelation.

"There will be a huge cultural and social change in the world," says Kring. "Some [of our characters] will be hiding, some struggling, some basking in the glory." 
Claire, who desperately wanted a normal life, will become a reluctant spokesperson for the abnormals. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) will again struggle with his dark side. And Adrian Pasdar will likely return, though not as Nathan, who died. 

Kring is confident he can lure back his entire cast if he gets a green light. (NBC refused to comment.) 

"I've spoken with everyone," says Kring. "They're all eager to participate."
[TV Guide Online]

First of all, bringing back Adrian Pasdar but not as Nathan? He'll be back as what exactly, Nathan's ghost? a long-lost twin brother? A clone? I don't see it, I just don't. They already made a mistake by killing the character, so I don't know what Kring could possibly do with Adrian that would interest the fans who loved the character of Nathan Petrelli. Yes, I'm certain fans would be happy to see him back - as well as to see Heroes back - but doesn't it lesser the impact of his return if he's not Nathan?

On the other hand, I think that the idea of bringing the show forward one year is a viable one in order for the Heroes storyline to work as a mini-series. I don't think that if they were to continue the story right from the very last episode of season 4, that they could wrap the storyline up in 2 to 4 hours.

As for Claire being a spokesperson for the ''abnormals'' the idea could work but I don't find it very interesting.

Concerning Sylar, I wonder why again do we need to have him struggle with his dark side? Ok, I know most people prefer Sylar to be dark, but the character's already been down that road. However, I suppose it's not easy for a guy who used to be a bit psychotic and who used to open up heads in order to gain powers to have a normal and peaceful life. So I may buy into the premise.

I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks about this news so please chime in with your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks to Rosy for the heads up! 

Update: I feel I've been a bit critical in my post about the Tim Kring story. I love Heroes and I will be happy to see my show back in any form possible and have some closure. Plus I will take Sylar in any storyline they will put him in. Even if it involved him to read the telephone book.


  1. Tim Kring must let go already. Just accept he had a great idea that got crashed by his lack of perspective.
    I can't stand this idiotic plots of misterious evil twin or slut triplets. ENOUGH already! Either Tim Kring give up on Heroes and let anyone else take it or we'll end up hating it like everybody else.
    Heroes, like Nathan Petrelli, was killed too early and there's no decent way to patch it up. We should accept the wrong doers and move on.
    The story is just sad.

  2. I'd love to see this happen, but if he can get budget (and airtime) for it, it'll be a miracle. I wish him luck - I'll never get enough Heroes, and I'll watch (or read) absolutely anything having to do with it. I'm a hardcore fan for life.

  3. Come on heroes fans. It wouldn't be the first time a show was brought back from cancellation! VOTE!

    The future isn't written in stone







    Pass this around the net!

  4. I love the idea of fast fowarding a head. You could have future Peter and Hiro. Which is what all of us Hero fans wanted to see. You can give Nathan an after life ability to talk to the living. Have Claire be the Dark future Claire we saw in season 3. Matt could be working for home land security just like in the future of season 1. And Tim could have flash backs of what happened to some of the characters over the time that has past. I think NBC would be stupid to past this up. They really think the Cape is going to be ground breaking like Heroes was in season 1. Please, the cape is a typical superhero show.