Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Russel T Davies and Chris Albrech Talk Torchwood Series 4!

Torchwood creator and showrunner Russell T. Davies and Starz chief Chris Albrech gave an interview to THR in the wake of the long-awaited announcement that Torchwood is finally coming back for a fourth series.

Asked whether there will be changes in store for the fans in series 4, Chris Albrech had this to say:
Well at the end of "Children of Earth," Torchwood was destroyed, so when we pick up in our world the need for Torchwood arises again. A lot of this story takes place in the U.S. as well with several characters that are in the U.S. intelligence forces and end up teaming up with Gwen and Captain Jack to deal with the situation at hand.
Albrech also confirmed that stories will take place in the UK and the US as well as in other locations.

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Davies then talked about what we're to expect for series 4, what format it's coming back as, and mentions a little Sci-Fi show called Lost :
It's very much the next step. It's not a new version, it's not a reboot. We're simply moving countries. The show was previously a format show -- monster of the week. The breakthrough was "Children of Earth" and that it became one long story. It's not going to be 'Lost' and take 20 years to find out what's going on. It's going to have a most remarkable conclusion after 10 episodes.
Davies was then asked since the Torchwood Universe has people knowing about the existence of aliens, if it will be true of the United States as well :
Yes, in the "Torchwood" universe, you're in a place where aliens long ago went public. It's like with terrorists. We all know terrorists exist, but if you found yourself in a room with one, you'd be in for a profound shock. You're never in a position where you take it for granted. I absolutely guarantee that you can leap in as a new viewer and be able to find everything.
[The Hollywood Reporter]

So we can expect season 4 to have one continuous story a la Torchwood: Children of Earth (an excellent series that you must pick up if you haven't seen it yet!). Also, we can expect to have American and international actors rounding up the new Torchwood team. I wonder if we'll see Rhys (Gwen's husband) back in the series as well. I had a feeling, in the last series, that he would become a permanent part of the Torchwood team.

I also wonder if Russell Tovey will feature in any capacity into the Torchwood Universe. The last time we saw Captain Jack, he had been hooked up, by the Doctor, with Midshipman Frame (Tovey), in a space bar at the end of Last of the Time Lords. Though I doubt he'd make any substantial appearance in Torchwood (I may be wrong) perhaps we'll see him in a guest appearance capacity or he'll only be mentioned in passing.

I don't know about you but my head has been buzzing since yesterday about the awesome news. I'm so ready for more Captain Jack and Torchwood! Bring It On!

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