Wednesday, June 16, 2010

James Frain's Newest Vampire in Town Talks True Blood

Actor James Frain (Where the Heart Is, The Tudors) has recently spoken to TV Guide Online and revealed a few interesting tidbits about his True Blood character, Franklin Mott, his motivations, and what the arc for season 3 is all about.

About his relationship to a very distraught Tara (Rutina Wesley), Frain says:
That's the question of the first few episodes on whether he likes her. I think he really likes her, but I don't know that guys like Franklin have the same idea of what like means like the rest of us do. I think the better word is obsessed. That's what we start to discover.

Concerning his involvement with Bill (Stephen Moyer), and what's his importance this season, the British actor says: ''He's been sent on a mission to dig up information on Bill,'' and that:

For Franklin, Bill is just a job, so he's no more interested in Bill than any of his other assignments, but there are lots of unanswered questions about Bill, so Franklin will focus on getting the information on why he's there, what he's doing, and whether he doesn't have ulterior motives.
Frain also revealed what the main arc for series 3 would be:
It's heading toward some kind of confrontation between those who claim to represent the vampires. There are two different camps that emerge between who the vampires are, who they can be and whether it really is sustainable to live alongside human beings. That's the arc of the season.
Please go to TV Guide Online to read more about the interview, where he speaks more about his character and about his interactions with a certain blond Hottie. No, not THAT blond hottie :)

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