Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News and Rumours on Upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Episode and Series 6

I usually don't do this BUT been a bit hectic today so instead of making a résumé of these news I'm putting them as is.

These news have all been compiled on the IO9 website and may or may not include spoilers for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas episode and for Series 6, as well as a bit of possible info about The Sarah Jane Adventures episode that will feature the Doctor and former companion Jo Grant:

Filming for the Christmas Special will begin July 12-16 in Swansea. The episode is being written by Steven Moffat and will feature both a former cast member of legendary British soap Eastenders and a Hollywood actor. There are also rumors of a "big, big name playing a massive role", which likely describes one of those two other people. "Silence", the major arc of series six, is mentioned at least once in the special, and we hear again from the creepy voice first heard in the TARDIS during The Pandorica Opens - apparently this voice still has some control of the TARDIS.

As for the story itself, this is still up in the air. It was originally thought the special would be set in 1500's England, possibly involving Henry VIII. However, the lines about the Egyptian goddess and the Orient Express in space at the end of The Big Bang were an absolute last minute addition, so they may represent the new direction for the special.

Either way, there are rumors the special will have undertones of A Christmas Carol - something that's been rumored since at least The Runaway Bride, but still - complete with a possible appearance by a past Doctor as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Those Doctors under consideration for this are supposedly Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, and David Tennant, which makes sense when you consider the other Doctors' ages, appearances, or total unwillingness to ever have anything to do with the show ever again. (Also, a few of them are dead, which I guarantee is the only thing stopping Patrick Troughton.) This is probably all nonsense anyway, but here's hoping for a little multi-Doctor goodness.

Moving onto series six, Rory will indeed remain as the Doctor's companion, and in fact will have "loads more to do", which makes me very happy indeed. Amy has "a biiiig secret to get off her chest (nothing bad)!" Obviously, the semi-literal way to interpret that wording is that she's pregnant, but I kind of hope that's not the case. Most importantly, River Song is definitely back, but with a big difference: when we see her in series six, it'll be the first time she meets the Doctor.

And here's who is reportedly writing for the next series: Steven Moffat (of course), Neil Gaiman (probably Episode 3), Paul Cornell, Tom MacRae, Phil Ford (who might be handling the non-Moffat two-parter), and Rob Shearman. As always, please treat these message-board reports as rumor until they're confirmed via official channels.

Finally, on The Sarah Jane Adventures front, Amy and Rory will likely be off on their honeymoon when the Doctor makes his guest appearance, but it's hard to tell whether that's an actual rumor or just a very reasonable guess.

[Major tip of the hat to Bluehinter for compiling all of this in the comments section.]

Rory full-time on board the Tardis? this news is expected but still marvelous to hear. I haven't seen any official confirmation yet.

River Song's actual first meeting with the Doctor? Bring it on Mr. Moffat, bring it on!!

As for a possibly returning Doctor, everyone knows I want that returning Doctor to be David Tennant BUT if that would not be the case, or if it wouldn't be possible for him to return yet, I would be delighted if Paul McGann (the Eight Doctor) were to make a long awaited return appearance!

What does any one else think. Do you think some of these rumours could turn out to be true? Any one of them you find interesting?


  1. Hummmm... Quite interesting this "returning Doctor". Of course I wish it were David Tennant.
    As for Rory... HOORAY!!!

  2. I'm so in love with Rory as a companion it's crazy. I'm so happy he's there :)

  3. definately Tennant or McGann, Eccleston would be goo too if he would ever do the part.Technically it only makes since to have 3 doctors for the season finale IF....IF ..the silence really is OMEGA. Obviously because thats how the episode went last time they met Omega in " The Three Doctors". I give season 5 a B-...i love matt smith and amy & rory is a great addition, Ive been waiting for them to go to a 2 companion set since it started in 05. I know having Rory aboard will help out alot, i only hope it doesnt effect the writing. I enjoyed season 5, u could definately tell there was a new writer!! BUT...Mr. Moffat needs to be a bit darker, and less obvious with his story lines. The beast below, The time of Angels, the Silurians, were kinda let downs for me. I guess i expected more, and didnt get it, so thats my fault. I really liked Amys choice.. but again way to obvious. Need some episodes that REALLY drop your jaw and make your eyes bulge!! I know its easy for me to say since im unemployed sitting on my ass. but that how i feel, I want to be AMAZED!! CAUGHT OFF GUARD!! WOW"ed, Ive been a huge fan since i was little, and always show my support for dr. who and tell everytone i know here the states to watch. My loyality will never fade!! I will always watch no matter what!! THEY NEED to bring back the last 2 incarnations!!! if not McGann as well!!! make it where the other 3 have to save the Current Doctor!!! that might be interesting..but also might be to cluttered..lol..i dont know. not a writer. all i know is that this "silence person" ( omega, the master, davros, whoever...better be awesome. and i really hope River Song is a future incarnation of the Master..lol...i beleive its the Rani..or maybe someone thats kin to the doctor!