Saturday, June 26, 2010

Doctor Who 5.13 The Big Bang Later Today in the UK!

This is it! The last episode of Series 5 of Doctor Who and tonight we'll get more answers to what is happening!

The Crack, the Tardis exploding, Amy, Auton Rory, River Song, the Doctor. All is coming to a head.

Plus the return of an important character. Will it be Omega as many believe? Or could it also be The Master, or even the Meta-crisis Doctor as some have suggested (though I doubt David Tennant would make a return appearance so soon).

Also, could there be more than one Tardises at work here? We know another one was being built in The Lodger.

All these questions will be answered shortly so tune in to BBC One or BBC HD at 6.05pm

Oh, and apparently, The Big Bang may segue into the Christmas episode right at the end (though I wonder when in time will that leave the Doctor's appearance in Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures).

How excited are you?

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