Monday, June 7, 2010

Easter Egg in Doctor Who 5.10 Vincent and The Doctor!

I can't believe I missed it but I did! There's another Magpie Electrical reference in Doctor Who. This time, a piece of Magpie Electrical is part of the Tardis and that doesn't bode well at all. I have a feeling this is what leads to the Tardis exploding and creating the Crack.

Magpie Electrical was featured in Series 2 of Doctor Who in The Idiot's Lantern, and we saw it most recently again this season in The Beast Below.

Thanks to Denyalle for the heads up!!


  1. Interesting...this Magpie piece has on it "TYPE V 310-A". Isn't the Doctor's TARDIS a Type 40? Add together the "3" and the "10" and that is "40"...Can anyone tell us if this is the fifth version of the TARDIS Type 40?


  2. I do not think anyonne has ever really counted how many TARDIS Type 40 there has been... A nice little "Parody" was placed into the "Children in Need" Episode when Peter Davidson (Doctor Number 5) said to David Tennant "Ah! You've Changed the screen saver" - Its almost as though the look inside is not anything natural...

    From memory... There have been at least 6 cosmetic changes to the TARDIS in its history - Many so cosmetic they would never have been noticed. The New Doctor has introduced a much deeper change since day one.