Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zachary Quinto and Michael McMillian Working on Comic Book 'Lucid'

Former Heroes star Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Michael McMillian (Reverend Steve Newlin, True Blood) are currently hard at work on a new comic book series called Lucid.

The four issue mini-series is being published by Archaia Comics and Quinto's Before the Door Pictures will overlook the book's production. McMillian will be writing the story.

Lucid will be illustrated by a 19 year old newcomer named Anna Wieszczyk.

Archaia Comics describes the book as an:
action-packed, pop-fantasy, four-issue miniseries that draws inspiration from the spy genre, Arthurian legend and 21st-century folklore! Dark forces are conspiring to prevent humankind from reaching its true potential. Thankfully, as newly appointed “Protector of the Realm,” Agent Matthew Dee uses his skills as a covert spy and Combat Mage to ensure America’s freedom from the grip of evil.
McMillian said that:
"It's a rock 'n' roll book, and I think for me part of it is taking these elements of magic and this concept of fantasy, which I think a lot of times gets a bad rap on one hand, and really make it fun and sexy and cool and contemporary."

"It's different in the sense that I do call these characters Combat Mages, which is a challenge in and of itself. That's a term I think gets knocked on, but I think it's cool and we're really going to make it exciting."
Zachary Quinto is a busy man, being hard at work on the production of his film Margin Call. There is no news yet on when he will return to his role of Spock on the Star Trek Sequel due out in 2012.

The first issue of Lucid is due out August 1.

Check out these preview pages.

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