Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No More Heroes for NBC?

Yesterday I reported here that Heroes may get to be renewed with a 12-13 episodes season 5 order, perhaps even as a mid-season show.

Today, Vulture claims that they heard NBC was going to cancel the cult show:

For weeks, even in the face of Heroes' bottom-dwelling ratings, conventional wisdom among TV-industry insiders has been that NBC was leaning heavily toward bringing back its once-mighty superhero series for a fifth and final thirteen-episode wrap-up season. But as NBC has become more confident in its slate of new shows, all indications are that our Heroes are dead.

I'm just tired of all those conflicting news. I wish NBC would put us all of our misery and make the announcement. I know that the fate of both Heroes and Chuck will be sealed no later than may 17, but I think that NBC's attitude towards the fans and their own shows has been a disgraceful one. There. I've said it.

In the likely scenario that either or both shows are cancelled, there will be hell to pay from loyal and devoted fans (such as myself). I just hope that Vulture is wrong.

Thanks to Rosy for the heads up!


  1. NOOOOO. Although Doctor Who is pretty much my new favorite show, Heroes is like a personal classic to me. I really think the show needs a fifth season to close things out. A fifth, shocking season that will rock the characters to the core.

  2. I'm still hoping for that season 5 too. Nothing has been officially announced yet so there's still hope. But this is a hard one to guess. One day it's positive, the next not so much. Grrrr NBC!!

  3. =^) I'm missing Nathan so much and also Sylar's evilness. DAMN NBC!!!