Monday, May 10, 2010

Doctor Who 5.07 Writer Simon Nye on Amy's Choice

There's an interview with Men Behaving Badly creator Simon Nye, writer of Doctor Who 5.07 Amy's Choice, over at Digital Spy. This episode marks the middle of Series 5, and will be another stand-alone episode (if there really is such a thing in Steven Moffat's ongoing story arc this season). Below pertains directly to the episode's storyline:

It's at the crux of the series. It's the middle episode and Amy's at the middle of this odyssey of getting to know The Doctor and the universe and the excitement of being where she is. She's still got this lingering problem that she's supposed to be getting married the next day. This is her choosing between The Doctor and Rory, her imminent husband. The choice is made more acute by the fact that the episode features a split reality - one of which they have to decide is a dream and one which isn't. One of these realities is five years ahead, in which Amy is pregnant and settled down with Rory. She's torn between wondering which is the real reality and wondering which reality she wants; to carry on exploring the universe with The Doctor or a lovely settled existence in the future.

There's the Dream Lord, this lord of misrule who taunts them with these two versions of the future. One is the next day and one is in five years. The reality that follows on from the Venice episode is as mad or madder than the one in the future, so they can't work out which is the real world. In one of the realities they're stuck in the TARDIS and drifting towards a cold, burning star.

The Dream Lord tortures The Doctor, in a rather cruel way, for his foibles and his weaknesses. He really probes away and needles him about his relationship with Amy and the history of his relationships with his companions - the fact that he always chooses a pretty young thing, rather than a middle aged bloke.

Nye also goes on to talk about Rory, that he's a fan of the show, and also that he believes that after this episode, Steven Moffat wont touch him ''with a bargepole after this episode!'' You can read the full interview Here.

I really didn't think at first that I would be looking that much forward to Amy's Choice, but after viewing the trailer and reading the interview I have to say that I'm really excited about it.

Are you looking forward to Amy's Choice and whether she will choose Rory or the Doctor?

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