Monday, May 3, 2010

Doctor Who 5.06 - Vampires of Venice Teasers

It's that time of the week again! Digital Spy has released ten teasers about the Doctor Who 5.06 episode: Vampires of Venice.

This episode marks the arrival of Rory, Amy's fiancee, as an added traveller in the Tardis. Following Amy's pass at the Doctor in last week's Flesh and Stone, this one needs Rory to keep Amy in check.

1. Rory is halfway through his stag do when The Doctor arrives to collect him. And it's quite an entrance.
2. On entering the TARDIS, Rory doesn't really say what The Doctor wants him to.
3. The First Doctor makes an appearance.
4. The 'vampires' like Amy. Who can blame them? She's delicious!
5. "Where are you from? Did you **** ******* the *****?"
6. Ever wanted to see The Doctor get electrocuted? Luck's in.
7. "Some tiny. Some were as big as the sky."
8. What's 10,000 in number and waiting in the water?
9. Amy enjoys a massive snog with either Rory or The Doctor. Right in front of the other.
10. "All I can **** is... *******."
[Digital Spy]

First off, the first Doctor to make an appearance? How marvellous!

Second, I believe sentence 5 is ''Did you come through the crack?'' And sentence 10 is ''All I can hear is... silence.'' Any other options?

Vampires of Venice airs on BBC One and BBC HD Saturday May 8 at 6.00pm

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