Friday, May 14, 2010

Chuck and V Renewed!

Well, yesterday was an interesting day for bubble genre shows Chuck and V.

Over at NBC, fan favourite Chuck received the long hoped for renewall. However, once again the network went for a 13 episodes order. Yes I know, it's better than nothing.

Over at ABC V, a show everyone thought was a goner, was renewed. Like Chuck, V received only a 13 episodes order.

My guess is that both networks will once again wait and see how the shows will perform before ordering longer seasons - much like NBC did with Chuck, which will finish it's 3rd season with 19 episodes, a total of 6 more than was originally ordered.

However, it was a bad day for Flahsforward and its fans. The struggling show was cancelled by the network (ABC).

Now, please, please, please NBC renew Heroes! okpleasethankyou!

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