Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 Things to Know about Doctor Who 5.07 Amy's Choice

Once again, SFX has published 12 teasers about this saturday's upcoming Doctor Who episode Amy's Choice.

1 It’s a very clever (cleverer than you might think at first) and unusual script, slightly let down by some pedestrian direction that doesn’t always achieve quite the right tone for what could be a much darker, creepier tale…

2 The Doctor wears the kind of jumper you hope your nan won’t buy you for Christmas

3 There are no plot holes

4 There’s an interesting use of a hover mower

5 You’re probably tired of hearing this every week, but it’s Matt Smith’s best performance yet. He really seems to thrive in quirky episodes

6 You get a good chance to study the new TARDIS set

7 There‘s a great “we’ve second guessed you” moment with the Doctor waving his hand
8 There may be complaints that it encourages spitting

9 Amy’s second false alarm amusingly sends up the Doctor’s arrogance

10 Once again it’s packed with quotable one-liners, especially the sentence that begins, “If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like…” (which could also spark a whole new trend in cosplaying)

11 The Doctor opens a black box that has some information written on it which will have fans hitting the freeze frame

12 Toby Jones has about a zillion costume changes (and he’s great)

So, so exciting!!! I'm loving season 5 so far, despite Victory of the Daleks which is my least favourite episode of the bunch yet. But the last 3 episodes have been stellar. Are we looking at a fourth straight homerun?

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  1. WOW!!! It's spoilerish in a great way! i'm so looking forward next episode!
    Thanks for posting this.