Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doctor Who: Arthur Darvill Talks Rory and Confirms Smith and Gillan's Return for Series 6

In an interview given to Digital Spy, Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory Williams - Amy's fiancee, confirmed that  both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will indeed be back for Series 6 (Smith's return was a given since the actor signed a 3 series contract). However, Darville doesn't know if Rory will be back at all. Still, the actor got to say some interesting things about his character for Series 5.

Talking about Rory's inclusion as a companion, Arthur Darvill says that Rory is basically a bumbling companion and that he will spend most of episode 6 confused. For him, the events that took place in The Eleventh Hour were 2 years ago and he's moved on. Plus, the last time he saw Amy was probably only a day ago. He says that it will also take Rory a while to get into it, but Amy will bring out his adventurous side. The actor also adds that for Rory it's a sink or swim situation, and he has to paddle his way through it.

About Amy's relationship to the Doctor, Darvill says that Rory has always been jealous of the idea of the Doctor. Amy and Rory grew up together and Amy really did get Rory to dress up as the Doctor. He believes one of the reasons that Rory became a nurse was because it was one step away from being a doctor, and that it sort of fulfilled Amy's ideals. The fact that Amy ran off with the Doctor to have these adventures is hard for Rory to deal with.
[Digital Spy]

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Are you guys looking forward to seeing Rory travel as a companion with the Doctor and Amy?


  1. Hummm... Does it always have to be a "Mike factor"? A third wheel? Is it how it always work?At least, this time, there isn't a companion's mom for us to hate.

  2. I don't know how Rory will work in the Tardis. I just don't want him to be another ''early'' Mickey for sure. We may be pleasantly surprised by his presence though.