Thursday, May 27, 2010

Details Emerge for US Version of Being Human

Slowly but surely, details from the SyFy US version of the BBC Three smash hit Being Human are emerging.

First of all, the show will be set in Boston.

Second, the werewolf character named George in the original UK version will now be named Josh, and the vampire Mitchell (seems they are keeping the name) will be jewish.

Executive producer Rob Pursey said that:

"Without letting go of the DNA of the original, it is evolving into quite a different show.It will be pacier and the characters' hinterlands are broader. So with Josh you get to see another aspect of how he copes with being the outsider."

He also added that "Syfy is very keen to take the humour and humanity rather than just the vampires. They want it to push the channel more mainstream."

Anna Fricke, who penned Everwood and Privileged will write the script along with Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver.

Pre-production for the SyFy's version of Being Human is scheduled to begin next month and it is set to air in 2011.

No actors have been named for the parts yet. Interestingly, nothing was said about the character of Annie the Ghost either.

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