Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True Blood: Sookie's Fairy Godmother Cast!

Michael Ausiello has announced that British actress Lara Pulver - who recently starred in the BBC series Robin Hood - will play Sookie Stackhouse's fairy godmother (and distant cousin) Claudine in HBO's True Blood.

Claudine often acts as Sookie's own guardian angel, often saving the life of our favourite Merlotte waitress in the course of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Now, I wonder who they will get to play Claude - Claudine's gorgeous (and very gay) twin brother! Any suggestions?


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  1. I've been a fan since first book came out Lara Pulver not right for the part. She great Actress Truly Great but the role so wrong not funny.she lacks the Wench Factor.And let’s be honest Claudine a flirting Buxom Wench.Who loves to tease men with sex that will not happen and Vampires with a Drink thats even less likely. But she loves to tease. But the way she played here it’s neat but it’s no Claudine.
    It’s Like having shakespeare Level actress play a part for Marilyn Monroe. Oh wait that exactly what it’s like. And she doing a bad Job and not capturing the part at all. When I first read Claudine I thought Bar Wench or Succubus,a Mage Call Girl. I WAS SHOCKED To find out she was a Royal Fairy.
    Lara Pulver looks like Queen not a flirt and messing up the role. Could be bad Writing but still it’s cast Very wrong. It's like Watching Laurence Kerr Olivier Play Bevis of Bevis and But Head.

    Claudine is a Teasing Wench who the last person on the planet you suspect of being a Faerie Royal.
    Lara Pulver is some one you think of AS BEING a Faerie Royal in real life!

    Claudine would say something like "if you can catch me you can Bite me and maybe more but first you got to catch me! Now do not dispoint me be letting me get away! BIG GUY!YUM!"

    Claudine would say and has said"YUM!" but Lara Pulver?! Her portrayal of Claudine is just bad. It's like she portraying a Claudine that hate Vampires and all serious. In the books Claudine to busy flirting with Vampire to hate them or be Serious.