Sunday, May 2, 2010

Doctor Who - Did We See a Future Doctor in Flesh and Stone?

After someone brought this to my attention, and reading some reports online, I decided to go back and re-watch Flesh and Stone.

I do believe that we are seeing another Doctor here, one that comes from the future, perhaps from the season finale?

See the two pics above? He is wearing his tweed jacket. The jacket he has just lost to the Angels after he was grabbed by them and had to escape. The jacket that wont be seen for the rest of this episode.

This Doctor comes to Amy right after he has just left to go with River Song and Father Octavian to look for the primary flight deck. At first I simply thought he had come back to recomfort Amy. I had not really noticed he was wearing his jacket it was so subtle!

Listening intently to the scene, I was struck by the calm in this Doctor's voice. The sense of urgency is different. He tells Amy he needs her to trust him, and to remember what he told her when she was 7. She asks him what did he tell her? and he replies that's the whole point. This Doctor is still working out the significance of the crack in her wall.

Then in the scene right after, the Doctor is already with River and Father Octavian, no jacket in sight. He's simply in his shirt and suspenders.

There you have, more mysteries. Arrrgh Steven Moffat! What are you doing to my brain? This must definitely be part of the story arc. I don't believe this was a continuity error.

Any thoughts?


  1. His coming back to confort her was odd.
    What did he say to her when she was 7? Was he referring to "Do you know when grown ups tells you everything will be fine but it won't? Everything will be fine."
    I think that's it.
    More mistery!

  2. Indeed! Steven Moffat is really making my head explode with so many mysteries. I have to re-watch the Eleventh Hour but it could be a number of things. It could be he likes fish-custard haha!!