Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rachel Weisz Would LOVE to Be in Star Trek!

The Mummy and The Mummy Returns actress Rachel Weisz gave an interview to Collider in which she discusses her recent film Agora and in which she talks about her love for the newest StarTrek Film and how she would like to be part of the sequel:

Collider: Anything potentially on the horizon that you’re looking at, you’re like, “You know what? I would love to do that series. “ Like all these different comic book adaptations that are happening. That you go-

RW: Yeah. You know what? I loved Star Trek. I mean, I couldn’t even believe how great, I meant to write (Star Trek director) J.J. Abrams a letter. I haven’t written it yet, though. I just thought- Didn’t you think it was tremendous?

Collider: Yeah.

RW: I just thought it was tremendous.

Collider: And it worked on several different levels. It worked, not just artistically, but also commercially. And it was accessible to people who weren’t necessarily fans of (the series).

RW: And I’m not a Trekkie. I mean, (Weisz’s longtime fiancĂ©) Darren (Aronofsky) took me thinking, he says, “You’re gonna hate this.” Cause I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek. I mean, I, Dr. Spock, I mean, I vaguely know. But, I loved it. I absolutely—I thought the acting was just phenomenal. Really, really great. So, yeah! No, I’m totally open to doing a big, big blockbuster.

Collider: Would you enter in and put your name in the hat for the Star Trek sequel?

RW: Me? I would LOVE to be in the Star Trek sequel! Yeah! I would love to! I better write that letter to J.J.

Collider: Yeah, start crafting it now. I mean-

RW: Yeah, I would love to. No, I was really, wildly impressed by that. I thought it was an incredible piece of work. Yeah. It just had such a freshness and the acting was, the acting blew me away.

The idea of possibly having Rachel Weisz in the next Star Trek movie is a pretty cool one. She's a great actress and I would definitely see her as the Borg Queen (if the Borgs were to make an appearance in the sequel, who knows!) or maybe as Carol Marcus, James T. Kirk's love interest. But I would take Weisz as any Star Trek character J.J. Abrams would like to hand over to her.

What do you guys think. Would YOU like to have the Oscar winner as part of any future Star Trek film?


  1. Rachel as the Borg Queen def sounds like a nice fit. Hope they go with her.

  2. I love Rachel, I hope this casting works out also!

  3. The more I think about her in Star Trek the more I like the idea of her as the Borg Queen as well. I think she would be perfect and would add a nice mix of sexiness and utter coolness to the character, much like Alice Krige did.

  4. Why would we have Borg this early? They don't show up for, what, another 60 years at least? I'm sure we could find something else for her.

  5. The Borg idea I just threw it out there. We don't know what the storyline will be yet. But as a Star Trek: TNG fan I really do like the Borgs.