Saturday, May 1, 2010

Check out the New Doctor Who Panoramics!

The official BBC Doctor Who website has put up some panoramic environments from Doctor Who's most recent episodes:

You can now explore the forest of the Byzantium as well as the Dalek's craft as we continue our range of interactive panoramics accompanying the new series.

Panoramics are 2-dimensional environments you can explore online and we've added hotspots, meaning you can search for and click on certain elements to unlock information about the image you've selected. Or the hotspot could give you a video, wallpaper, photo gallery or even a trailer. The panoramics are complete 360 degrees representations of places the Doctor has visited so you may even discover things that remained tantalizingly out of sight during the episode!
[Doctor Who BBC]

The first Panoramic shows the Dalek ship interior that was seen in Victory of the Daleks.

The second one depics the Forest inside the Byzantium spaceship seen in Flesh and Stone.

More panoramics will be made available as the series progresses, and what is even cooler is that they are even accompanied by a soundtrack. The BBC is really pulling all the stops for Series 5 of Doctor Who! It makes me wish that the BBC would have done that for the previous series as well.

Go here to see them.

Do you like the panoramics?

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