Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Doctor Who Tennant Episode Running Time and the Return of Rose?

A story on Doctor Who Hideout claims that the last episode of Doctor Who will run seventy five minutes long. Apparently it has been confirmed by Russell T. Davies himself.

Russell T. Davies has stated that:

"Actually, our very last episode, coming at Christmas, David's very last episode, is one hour and 15 minutes long."
The BBC has recently confirmed the return of John Simm as the Master, Alexandra Moen as his suffering wife Lucy Saxon, Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott (pictured above with David Tennant while filming the last episodes) and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble. We also know that Timothy Dalton is on board for the finale and though the nature of the role has not yet been disclosed, it is believed that he will play a Time-Lord.

We also know from some filming reports that Billie Piper will return as Rose and so will Camille Coduri as her mother Jackie. The above picture with the Doctor and Rose was taken while the two actors were taking a break during filming of the last episode. It is said that the Doctor will meet Rose just before she meets Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor for the first time.

The title for finale is rumoured to be End of Time with another title called Nightmare Reigns rumoured to be for the penultimate episode. Nothing has been confirmed yet. How this all plays out remains yet to be seen.

Source: Doctor Who Hideout, BBC

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